Monday, August 1, 2005

I felt like a Queen in my Castle!

Yesterday we got a good jump on our moving to the new house.... my house!  Still hard to believe!!!!! We unloaded everything Josh's mom gave us that she did not want to take on her own move to Vegas and some other furniture from our house.  We decided to stay the night at the house.  OUR FIRST NIGHT AT OUR OWN VERY OWN HOUSE!

After the unloading of the truck I had to drive Josh's mom back to her place.  She couldn't stay because she had alot to do before she leaves Wednesday.  It was about a 2 hour drive but it was nice to chat with her for awhile.  A bit of bonding.  When I got back Josh told me that we have already been offered a kitty.  Josh told me Hollie our sales lady, had been down and gave us a goody basket and told him she had found a kitty that needed a home.  Her mom is a Vet and the kitten was treated for everything under the sun.  Apparently it was sick but is all better now.  It is a male, long white hair.  I am thinking it may look like fluffy from Stewart Little or that cat that wants to take over the world from Cats and Dogs. Ofcourse we haven't totally decided yet and have not told the kids anything about it. It WOULD make a nice Birthday Gift for Sophia. And I guess it is a sign that I want it if I have already named it? LOL  I told Josh we would think about it and maybe in two weeks after we get all moved in and if she offers to de claw it and get it fixed.. or at least chip in and we could pay half.

I tell you really.. all those pictures really DO NOT do my house justice.  I am still in shock but starting to feel like it is not just a dream anymore. As I was taking a shower in my luxurious master bathroom suite and anticipating going to bed with my husband, I truly did feel like a Queen!  And you better believe that my husband treated me like one too *giggles*big smiles*

I had a wonderful thought the other day.  If God has given me such a wonderful earthly home.. just think how much more my Heavenly one will be!!

Well.. MORE PACKING and moving to come.  I want to do it all NOW and get it out of the way but we still have so much to do.  Next weekend we have PROMSED ourselves that we are going to tackle that garage and clean it out. *YUCK*



  1. aw take the kitty!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to share pics too. OH yeah that first night in your veryown home nothing like it is there. I know you woudl spend a night this weekend and I cant blame you either girl

  2. Great going! I know all of you enjoyed the first nihgt in your new home. Helen

  3. oMg I just got caught up on this saga and I am so proud and happy for you!  It is obvious to anyone how blessed you have been, and suddenly concidence seems too less of a word.  It had to be Heavenly, and this is such an inspirational story.  It belongs in like Chicken Soup for the Soul.  LoL =-p Post more pictures, please - your house is beautiful!