Wednesday, August 3, 2005

"Only he who can say, 'The Lord is the strength of my life,' can say, 'Of whom shall I be afraid?' -

Alexander Maclaren

I find it quiet interesting that this Saturday is the 60th anniversary of America dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Japan.. and my husband just happens to be working at a Nuclear Power Plant this week.  There is alot of rumors of terror attacks on the US secluded for this weekend using nukes.

I am fighting the urge to go into Survivor mode and stock piling to the hilt and making a fall out shelter.  I want to.. but my husband thinks I am just a nut and that is fear talking and I should just trust God to keep us safe if and when something does ever happen.

For most of my adult life I have had a recurring dream.. one of fear where for some reason or another I have to get me and my family OUT of the city as fast as possible and be "prepared".  That is why I enjoy us camping each year and accumulating more gear, because I always have it in the back of my mind.. ohh this will be a good thing to have on hand.  And that is why my dream car is not a BMW but a Hummer.  No not the new Hummers.. the old Army ones! So I can go on all terrain and if need be drive over other cars LOL. 


I have my fall out shelter all plotted out in my head and just the perfect spot for it in the house, even though we dont have a basement. I found this guide posted on Freedfromevil's blog very informative and helpful.  But because I can't make one by this weekend and my husband may never agree with me.. I shall just trust God to take care of us if and when something happens. But I think I will go and get some bottled water this week and basic can foods. LOL  But to be honest I can not remember having that nightmare since I have become a Christian and I am not really all that afraid but still.. there are examples in the Bible where God prepared his people for hard times.. thinking Joseph and the grain stock piles in Egypt for the seven years of drought. 

Josh should be home Friday and away from that horrible place he has to work at this week.  He is working 12 hour shifts and is not allowed to take his cell in with him, so I have not heard his sweet voice but on the voice mail. When he called yesterday I was out at the new house working crazy.  I thought he would of called me again by now but maybe he thinks I am being productive again today??? LOL NOT.  But I did stay up till the wee hours of the morning going threw laundry and cleaning out my bedroom closet.  OH MY! The things I found in there! Dresses I have never worn and had forgotten about.  I had to try everything on to see what fit and what didn't so I could declutter and get rid of stuff. I am happily getting rid of alot of clutter!  There was this way sexxxxxxy red dress and I filled it out very nicely.. if only I had a place to wear it out too.. it is not exactly a church kind of dress.


Well that is enough of a break.. back to work.  I think I am also going to take Lilly and Annie to get their hair cut for school.  I am thinking bobs.  But it would really be a shame to cut their long hair but I am not going to have a repeat of last year and the lice incidents.. And I think it will be easier on us all to care for,plus it is SOOOOOO HOT out it will be a relief for them I am sure.. shoot I may even go and get mine short too.


  1. yes I printed thatguide out and we keep plastic and duckt tape on hand. to seal off rooms and have a food supple to get us thru. The prudent man is prepared the LORD says in his word. and the Sabbath has taught us to always be prepared. not go over board but prepared.

  2. When i was a teenager the neighbors across the street had a shelter in their basement that was unreal. Name it and it was in the basement and they were ready for ANYTHING.   Have a happy Weds! Hugs, lisa

  3. Our neighbor has the fallout shelter, completely stocked with food and water, etc.
    The way things are going this day and time and we have already had attacks on our soil, I don't see anything wrong with being ready.

    Just moved back to Alabama mid March and alreay my house needs decluttering!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my journal!