Wednesday, August 3, 2005

ohhh yaaaa!!

Just got off the phone with Josh... HE IS COMING HOME!   They had some prob with equipment so they are heading back in town but he leaves Sunday night.   I told him to meet me at the new house At least I will have him to help more now.. and his truck LMBO.


  1. woohooo Josh is coming home!  Now he can move all the heavy stuff...lmao...come home from work to work...yep thats the way it goes...


  2. WOW loves that toothy grin I know you love him home. WELL girl have you annointed yoru house?????? You know what i mean. made it your home. ????????? you need a special night laone with Josh wish I was there to help you guys out. WELCOME Home josh

  3. {{{{{Mary}}}}}

    I'm loving reading about how much you're loving your new house. I love the scavenger pictures in the entry below...what a difference....I know you feel 'lost' in the new house with all of that space.   I'm still pinching myself sometimes too and we've been in our new house two months now. I go from room to room sitting on a coach or a chair, staring around the room...and even laying in my bed....all of the rooms are's just wonderful! Enjoy and don't ever let the fantasy wear off girl!!


  4. yea!  your honey is coming home! crack open the wine bottle, clean the   house and have fun!  :-)