Sunday, August 21, 2005

ALL MOVED IN.. and the puter is finnaly put back up!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I am sooooo sore and worn out!!!  I NEED A MASSAGE!  But it looks like the hardest parts are done.. we are ALL moved in.  I think the worst pieces of furniture were the fish tank that had to be carried up stairs and our dresser.  Josh hooked the computer back up Friday but this is the first I have been able to even sneeze at it. (ya I am getting a cold too)  I have over 700 e-mails and alerts in my box! WOW!! I have been away for over a week? or is it two?  It all runs together now lol. In all likely hood the alerts are just going to be deleted but I will try and catch up with all my J~land family and friends soon.

The phone has finally been hooked up and we got a new jack for the den... just for the computer.  I also upgraded to the faster DSL.. I will have to see if there is any change and let you all know how that is.  I also got an extra satellite receiver for the den and have a tv in here.. lol  But gurrr... the only place they could place our satellite was on our garage!! What an eye sore!  I would say just switch to cable then but cable doesn't come out here yet. 

The kids are all registered for school and we have met the teachers except for Zane's.  We missed that open house because we had family over for dinner that night.  I will try Monday to go up and see if I can meet her and take a tour of the school.  School starts Tuesday and I STILL have to buy school supplies. They have the schools split up funny here so that I will have 3 of my children in 3 different schools.. but a nice thing is they all will ride the same bus.  We have to be out to the bus at 7:00 a.m.   This will be the biggest change of all.  Last year their bus didn't come till 8:35.. and I barely got up on time for that lol but new house and new habits!  And OHH I did get that waiver for Lilly and that vaccine.  It was simple as pie to do and I did not get a hard time about it from any one either.

I am 90% unpacked and maybe 80% organized lol. We had a small family birthday party this weekend for all the July Birthdays. It was the first get together we have hosted in our new house and I was stressing over getting things done and Josh was on me about worrying how the house looked.  He wanted to know why I was so grumpy (besides being on my period gurr) I said I wanted it to be perfect for our first visitors to see.  He gave me a smart word that IN THAT CASE I will always be stressed because it will NEVER be perfect and then I will always be a grump.  So I had to let it go that my book shelves were not all unpacked and the rooms not all vacuumed and the laundry still in baskets.  My husband is just too smart sometimes.

This was just a quick up date and I PROMISE more to come soon with pictures.  I also have to tell you about our new family member : )


  1. It has been a long haul, but you are finally moved in!!  It must feel great!

  2. I been wondering when you wuld be back online. now girl go take pics.

  3. I know you are so happy to be all moved in. And Im happy for you all. Take one day at a time, the house will be all together before you know it. You are blessed.

    God Bless

  4. glad to hear you are finally all unpacked us to I have only been on for little less then a week and we are still unorganized and some things still packed waiting for me to get too my husband and I both caught colds and he was home sick 2 days from work this week so we know what you are going through it will all work out our girls went back to school last week and we had to get school supplies and stuff and be up by 530 to catch the bus at 630 and 830 so I will keep you in my prayers as well since we are going through the same things take care God blesas kelley

  5. Cant wait to hear about the new family member. Sounds like you will soon be settled...i am glad to hear you are doing well..i have missed you! Love, lisa