Saturday, November 12, 2005

And what are Josh's top 10 Needs

My friend Jess gave me this idea.. she did a search on her and then on her hubby.  I know what mine say.. so Let's see Josh's too.   If you want to play along just type in your name  and needs in your search engine and pick out 10 phrases that come up.

1.Josh needs a new bicycle  (ohh so that is what I should get him for Christmas?? LOL)  

2.Josh needs a holiday or just a cuddle (I'd cuddle him if he was here!)  

3.Josh Needs Our Help and Prayer  (This is true!)  

4.Josh needs remedial spelling lessons pronto (LOL maybe that is why he won't start his own blog?)  

5.Josh needs a new television set (ya he has been wanting to get a newier one.  The color on ours in the living room is going funny)  

6.Josh needs a two-parent family that can provide structure (see a theme here??? LOL)  

7.Josh needs to explore himself to see what he needs (ya.. cuz I am not going to do it)  

8.Josh needs change of pants (yep because I am not doing his laundry)    

9. Josh needs to learn how to delegate better and how to respect his staff (um.. ok that could apply)    

10. Josh needs know there is a large community of supporters wishing him well, and waiting for his return. (This is the best out of all of them and the most ture!!!)



  1. interesting perspective to do both of your needs; I like it and I like that his needs and your needs were the same on some of them.


  2. How well do you think that Joshes fit him ?????

  3. How well do you think that Joshes fit him ?????

  4. Hey, this does sound like fun!  Hang in there kiddo!  (Maybe Josh likes all the extra special attention of his homecomings.)  Right now I'd love to have mine a week or two and gone a week or two.  -  Barbara

  5. Hi friend! I'm back with a new journal. Take care and God bless, Beckie

  6. Josh needs more money so he can get his pot haha (thats whats wrong here)