Saturday, November 12, 2005

THIS prob is one of those entries I should save for my private Bitching N Moanings



  1. Mary I agree its one thing if you HAVE To do this becaues of Military. But TOdd has had chances to go work out away too and he found out in his 20's that he needs to be home everynight and that a dad and husband needs to be here. Yes its good he has a job yes its good he wants to work. IT does confuse me how he can say he couold get use to this. One should never be use to staying away from spouce and kids. I cant imagine ever being use to being away from my girls or my man. Its a bad sign mary I have seen it before. the thing is he is with men who are NOT so God oriented and NOT so family oriented and htey are winning. Its peer pressure though us adults do not like to admit it. I think Josh needs to find another job. May take some finagling and believe me Todd has had jobs where he has had to take cut in pay for us to do it and We use to live of 20 K  a year with four kids so I KNOW> I never worked but we did it. Mary please if he would I htink itmight be good if we could him to talk to Todd about family and why work though important and how a man sees his self worth and immage that GOD will bless you ifyou give up that and let him do for you even if it means less. {{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} Mary I know this sounds all doom and gloom but having been there and seen it over and over agian I dont wnat to hear of anything happening to your family

  2. I agree with the previous comment; I think you need to get Josh back home with your family and do what you need to do to manage on reduced income, etc. This being separated like this is hard on you all; and like the previous commenter, for Josh to say he could get used to this type of life; it just brings a red flag out there for me.

    My husband went ahead of me for two months at a new job one time when I stayed to sell the house. It was the worst time of our marriage. Even though the house did not sell and we ended up in foreclosure because of it, I knew for the sake of our family and my sanity, I had to get us all back together; he did too. We decided we would not do that again if the situation arose - we would all go together or not at all.

    my thoughts are with you,


  3. Sweet Mary, you are totally justified in this entry and with these feelings. PLEASE talk to your hubby about it or write him. I bet anything that he misses you sooooooooo much! Men get into this mindset where they are just trying to be the head of the household and provide and that is most important to them and they dont often understand or even realize that us women NEED attention, affection or a hug or anything that tells us we are loved and special.
    Love you, lisa jo