Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Uproar in J~Land.. May the people be heard!

Originally Posted Tuesday November 15*

"The higher powers snuck into MY extremely personal journal last night and like a thief leaving their mark, sprayed graffiti in the form of advertising on MY personal walls"  


This will be my last entry with my PAID AOL JOURNAL ACCOUNT! The outrage is because I pay money for AOL.. mostly JUST so I can keep my Journal.  AIM screen names are allowed to have an AOL Journal for free.. so it is understandable that they would have the adds.. but hey.. I am a paying customer.. and this is bull.  This may just be the last straw and I may close my AOL account if this issue does not get taken care of.  Why pay for it when I can just get an AIM screen name?  

Until AOL hears the people of J~Land and resends the add banners to paying customer's blogs, you can find me over at MySpace.com and the mirror blog I have over there.  Sure there are add banners there.. but that is what I expect when I am not paying for their service!  

Here is the Link.. ~Oh Mary~   

*Updated* I am also going to give Blogger a try since that seems to be where most of the Exodus is heading. I will try them both out and see what one I like best.. I see pros and cons for each.   ~Oh Mary~ on blogger

I am sure you can find the RSS feed for them in lieu of journal alerts. Don't be lazy.. try learning something new for a change.

*a side note* It has been over 4 days since the supposed journal upgrade and I STILL have to use IE to make a post.  Ya, that really makes me want to stay with AOL.. not.  But I am still hoping that they will come to their sense and listen to their loyal customers and I can return to this space.. but I am preparing for the worst.



  1. WELl your lucky I cant even get the add button to do an entry even in IE

  2. hope you come back soon I cant post in my space blog space or yahoo. but if you alert me I ll read atleast

  3. I am with you-girl!  I created a blog last month because I have become increasing frustrated with AOL. In the past few days I have been knocked off line for no reason.  At times I couldn't post an entry or at times when I could post it wouldn't allow me to save the post into my journal.
    You can come see my soon to vacant journal at http://journals.aol.com/kiplingcrissy/singlemomsjourney
    or my newest at

  4. Wow!  I agree that this space is already paid for.  I can't believe I don't even get a choice in what I am advertising!!  That to me is the real kicker.  -  Barbara  of Life and Faith in Caneyhead.

  5. Hi. Hope u are doing well. I know it's crazy what they have done. I just came back and hope that things work out. god bless, Beckie

  6. hey i found your link and i just wanted to give you mine if you get bored stop by and tell me what you think about it http://journals.aol.com/danniboo05/Danniboo05

  7. Hi hun, Blogger has email alerts too, in case you're interested. All you have to do is set up a "mailto" link on your Blogger blog that lets people email you (I can give you the code if you like) requesting to be added to your "list". You then go to your Blogger account and add their email address where it says "Email" and save it. :-)

    ~ Susan