Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Neil Diamond's blog!!! With a Preview to his album coming out on the 8th!!!!

This just sent in from my mom.. the biggest Neil Fan ever.. http://www.myspace.com/neildiamond

It says it is his blog and I am going to assume that it really is since it has a full preview of his album coming out on the 8th.. 12 Songs.  Mom says so far from what she has heard, it is his BEST she has ever heard.. and that is saying a lot coming from her.

Do note the first song on it is "OH Mary"  I guess he DID notice me in that red dress screaming "I LOVE YOU NEIL" at the concert I went to with my mom and I inspired that song.  No really.. it is true.. musicians have a thing for me.. must be the blond hair or something.. first Tom and then Kurt and now finally.. Neil. heehee.

Just heard from Josh.. he is getting off earlier than he expected tonight and is HEADING HOME around midnight!!!  He will be here in the morning!!!!!!!!  Ohhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!


  1. cool and yeah for Josh cming home LOL

  2. Looked great in that dress girl!

    <singing>  Sweeeet Caroooline...ba dum dum dum...


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  3. You are one hot mama in that red dress! I like Neil Diamond.
    Love you, lisa jo

  4. oh I love Neil.....it is our road trip music.

    After worship music that is.