Thursday, November 10, 2005

Now!!Who's the bigger fan huh!?? LOL

I did it!  I beat my mom at getting Neil's new CD!  I had to get it.. if only for the song I inspired, Oh Mary. But I love most of the songs on it so it is worth it.  I would of just down loaded it off music@aol but it wasn't available there yet.  Too bad, prob would of been cheaper at $1 a download vs the $18 or so that I paid for it at Sam Goody.  Wal-Mart didn't have it and normally if you get a cd or dvd there the first week it is out it is a bit cheaper.  But hey.. it was a TREAT my self kind of day.  I deserve it!

To tell the truth I was a bit shocked when I called my mom and she said she had not gone out and bought it yet.  I figured she would of been first in line.. and it's been out for two days already!!  She mustttttttttt be slipping LOL.

On a side note.. it is OFFICAL.. I am OLD!  Like I said I went into SamGoody to get the cd.  It was overun by young'ins with funky dyed hair and pierced everythings.  I had all four of my kids in toe and doing my best to keep them from over running the place.  We found my cd fast enough but ofcourse the kids wanted to look at posters and all the do dads that really were inappropriate for their age if you know what I mean.. my fave was a key chain with a bee on it that said "Bee--itch" and close second was a poster Zane commented on, it had Gnomes tending a lavish green garden.. he liked it and thought it was cool.. daddy likes Gnomes.. I shook my head when I had to explain to my 11 yrd son what the green garden was growing. You would of thought I had walked into a Spencer's at the Mall.  There was Christmas (I use that term lightly) items out, one was a punked out snowman.  I had to yell at Lilly to stop playing with the evil snowman lol.  As I was in line.. it was long.. the kids couldn't keep together and I had to yell at them and was getting very frustrated.  Normally they are well behaved, must be the candy they get fed at school. I had all eyes on me when I yelled "GIRLS!" as my 3 started to wonder away. A group of young girls froze like deer in headlights and then turned around and looked at me.. opps no not you.. my girls. lol 

Sad really.. not so long ago I would of been in there looking probly simlar to those hip teens/young adults buying the latest Black Crowes or Metallica lol but now I am in there with 4 kids wearing a pink granny sweater buying Neil Diamond.  Should I be mourning my youth?? Na.. 17 is long gone and 30 is peaking around the corner and looking at some of the teens now.. I don't think I would want to go threw all that again!


  1. lol, oh my goodness, the way you described that was absolutely hilarious. i look around at how the world is going. and i doubt i would have any social life at all now if i had to redo the teen years. sending blessings and love, jess

  2. i dont know if I uploaded the song wrong or if the digital music had something done so I couldn't share.. I did have to sign some stupid user agreement when I ripped it to my puter.  The way I see it.. I paid for it.. I should be able to use it on my blog.. I am not selling it or using it in a comercal way.. and I give credit where credit is due.

  3. WELL honey congrats to you girl.

  4. I would NOT want to go through all that again. Nope, for now, I'm on a mission to get my daughters through the entire teenage thing. Scary stuff happening already I must say, very scary. But I've laid a solid foundation, so we'll see how many cracks ends up in it over the years.

    The 30's are good my friend, do not be afraid :o)

  5. ok you beat me getting the cd BUT my dear you are not the biggest fan!!!!!
    Just remember who got you hook on him in the first place.
    Isnt if fun growing up, just wait it gets more fun as time goes by.

  6. how funny kids in the store boy you are hooked on neil diamond hugh so cute take care my friend God bless kelley