Monday, November 28, 2005

Can you do it?

3 weeks of NO COMPLAINING.. what so ever?  That is the challenge put forth by my Pastor.  To be a thankful person and satisfied with each situation.. hold your complaining and bring your oughts up in prayer instead of feeding into negativity.  OUCH.  He insists if you can do it you will see a BIG difference in your life (and I tend to agree).

I am still super pissed at AOL and all that is going on with the journals. And I just haven't had the heart to write in my other blogs either.  Call me lazy and not wanting to put forth too much effort.. just yet.  I may very well cancel my AOL service.. working up to it.  I have been trying out first living with out the AOL software and doing everything threw IE and AIM.  But with the holidays coming I find myself melancholy and not really into learning anything new at this time.  I have too much new in my life right now.. new house, new schools for the kids, new friendships to develop, new situations with my husband, and I crave the familiarities of my journal. 

So before I go into my 3 week fast of complaining I am going to let out my feelings out about AOL and then move on.. just so they don't think I am satisfied with the mediocrities they have shoved down on us. 

AOL, shame on you.  You have no care for your loyal customers and I feel jaded.  Every time I see one of your commercials now I want to throw up.  I want these ad banners off  my journal.. ads that I don't support and feel very upset that you are not only taking my money that I pay for this service but also making money off my thoughts, feelings, my blog.  I will NEVER click on any of them and NEVER patronize any of the advisors and I will tell each of my family and friends to do the same.  I find your lack of concern for your customer base disheartening.  I have lost respect for the so called Journal Editors and AOL employees.  They have refused to truly address the journal community's complaints and  down play our concerns. To say publicly that AOL has only received a few dozen complaints over the ad banners has got to be the biggest joke I have ever seen in print.  You can ignore us your customers for only so long.. you WILL have to deal with the angst this has all caused. Hiding will only loose you more customers and word of mouth about how you treat those who have been loyal to you for years and your hunger for only profit will go across the globe.  Don't think because I am returning to my journal it is me throwing in the white flag over this issue.  I am unsatisfied and will leave for good if you do not do something more than put in small print a disclaimer about the ads.  I want them OFF and OFF for good.  They are in my e-mail box, journal alerts, the main screen, personal webpages, chat rooms.. my journal is the last straw.  If I wanted ad banners on my journal I could of set up a free AIM one.. which you had assured us when they were first implemented that the bonus of having a paid aol journal account was no ads.  I am cancelling all my premium services because I refuse to pay you any extra then I have to to keep my journal before I transfer all my entries.



Ok.. my 3 weeks of just being thankful has officially started with the hit of the save button.  If you catch me slipping.. hold me accountable. " ) 


  1. I will hold you accountable. It is an interesting challenge and I think I will take your pastor up on it. I have tried to eliminate complaining from my vocabulary over time, but find myself complaining of such silly things like the weather. So I'll do your pastor's challenge. This holiday season I want to make a difference for the Lord and that is what I will try to do.

    I know you can do the same :)


  2. boy will be hard to not complain about something lol now me as I feel about aol its such a small thing in my life I odnt give it much thought and then its like renting thts all IM doing yes I pay but like I pay rent on a hosue the owner pays for upkeep I just live there the owner can do what htey want and advertize waht they want. So since IM only renting aol space and they pay for upkeep Idont gripe too much as long as its not porn!!!!!!!! There I do draw the line but I found it funny that they had an ad for netzero free service LOL ha ha they put out an ad against themselves LOL

  3. Well, Mary, no one can accuse you of not saying what you feel...whether it's Complaining or Testifying!  LOL   Chin up all the way.  -  Barbara

  4. OH mARY.....

    I am so sorry sister....    xxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

    i will read you no matter where you blog.

  5. Glad you are staying. Its good to be back! Check out my new journal!

  6. You've inspired me to create a "Complaint Jar,"  much like the "Cuss Jar," concept... where you owe a quarter for every cuss word, only this time "complaint."  You could get the entire family involved!  Save the quarters for a special family treat or donate to a local shelter or ministry!