Saturday, November 12, 2005

Mary's top 10 needs according to a web search

Mary's top 10 needs.. a web search  Got this idea off of Christina's blog.. freaky how true some of these are!  

1. Mary needs prayer  (YES! PLEASE)

2. Mary needs the Lamb in school  (Yep, think of my children)

3. Mary needs a two parent home  (ouch considering my last post)

4.Mary needs to be marketed passionately to national and international audiences (ya! more readers)

5.Mary Needs a Little Consistency (oohh ouch true true true)

6. MARY needs a make over  (that would be nice)

7.Mary needs to find out what the students think (um.. ok?)

8.Mary needs you in this area (it would be nice to have more of my friends in my area)

9.Mary needs a powerful, enduring culture of philanthropy (ya! show me the money)

10.Mary needs to be more diverse, more international and even more public  ( I dont know how you get more public then this.. but the webs says I need to be more.. so it must be so lol)


  1. MARY nad her children and HUBBY Need to bea  two parent home.

  2. isn't it weird?????

    Except for the not wearing  underwear ON TOP of my clothes thing my seemed right too.  (I mean really, I wear clothes over my underwear, I just don't always wear underware.  Get it right google.)

    Sometimes it isn't about the money Mary.  Myabe God's trying to tell you something thru google......

    Odd how the first item is Mary needs prayer.

  3. wow, I think the Lord is telling you something here with #3 - think of the timing when you decided to do this web search.....