Saturday, November 5, 2005

PBS Documentary to Show Pro-Life Successes in Closing Abortion Facilities

WASHINGTON, November 4, 2005 ( - A documentary will air November 8 on PBS in the US that highlights the success of pro-life workers in closing abortion facilities through legal means. “Frontline” will air its programme called "The Last Abortion Clinic" which is billed as an examination of the efforts to “chip away” at Roe v. Wade with hundreds of state laws restricting or limiting abortion.

The programme, which takes a decidedly pro-abortion angle, focuses on a Supreme Court case, scheduled for November 30, that could indicate whether Chief Justice John Roberts will allow states to keep laws restricting abortion which in the past have been routinely overturned.

One anonymous abortionist is quoted complaining that the legal work of pro-life activists is putting an end to the baby-killing movement. “The assault on abortion rights is very clever. It's very smart. And we are losing,” he said.

The Last Abortion Clinic refers to the work of the group, Pro-Life Mississippi, that has succeeded in closing, one by one, all but one of the state’s for-profit abortion facilities.

The programme will hearten pro-life Americans by showing how the local groups in Mississippi have pushed for laws that prevent public funds from being used for abortions. No institution that takes state money, including Medicaid, can perform abortions in Mississippi. This means that when private for-profit abortion mills go under, state hospitals also cannot fill the gap.

In addition, state funds, earned from pro-life license plates, go to fund pro-life and pro-mother crisis pregnancy centres where women receive medical referrals, financial assistance and help with parenting.

According to the PBS programme, the reduction of abortions in the US South can also be attributed to the passage of informed consent laws that require doctors to tell mothers about the development of their unborn children. Some states even require an ultra sound so that mothers can see their babies before making the decision.

Regulating abortion facilities to force them to operate according to the same standards as other outpatient surgical clinics has also helped close the private facilities which are notorious for their unsafe and unhygienic conditions.

The programme will air Tuesday, November 8, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Read PBS Frontline media release:

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  1. great to see this accomplished

  2. I'm going to try to remember to watch this; I'm glad that that anonymous abortionist said "we are losing". I'm glad babies are being allowed to be born instead of killed. And I wonder why that abortionist decided to be anonymous. I am proud I'm prolife. I would not be anonymous to proclaim that.

    thanks for the heads-up on this.


  3. Praise God!!! Im gonna try to watch this one


  4. Don't laugh at me, I don't have cable, lol.  I refuse to pay for it.  I don't want my kids sitting in front of a TV all the time.  So I guess I won't be watching it.  I am sure you will give all the details at least I hope you do.