Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alex Trebek Raps

Alex Trebek Raps : "


Did you know AOL has a Video Blog?? Well.. now you do.. anyway..

OMG this is toooooooooo funny.. It's from the collage edition of the show and Alex has to quote rap songs as the clue.

And for those who have asked.. No Zane did not make it on Kids Jeopardy.  We never did received the Fed Ex that would of confirmed him making it on. It would of been nice if they had sent out a letter or something to let those know who did not make it on, instead of making us wait on pins and needles all summer. But hey.. there is always next time and I am still proud of my boy for passing the test last spring (only 10 out of 70 kids that took it in the STL area could pass it)


  1. That was pretty funny!   I didn't know AOL had a video blog.   will be checking this out a little more.  Thanks!

  2. ROFL, thats too funny,love it. Thanks for sharing