Sunday, September 10, 2006

Laval Gunner visiting at New Beginnings Family Church, Saint Peters MO

Laval Gunner visiting at New Beginnings Family Church, Saint Peters MO

This last weekend we had the Gunner family visiting and ministering at my church.  And WOW.. they were awesome. It is my understanding that Laval (not sure that is how you spell his name) used to be in Earth Wind And Fire but now is a full time Evangelist and Minister.  If you watch the video you will hear his awesome voice.. I was able to sneak in one song on to my little camera.  The quality isnt the best.. turn up your speakers (oh how I miss my old camera) but you will be blessed.

Norma spoke at our Women's Meeting Saturday morning and she is a sweet loving women.  The spirit just was flowwwwwwwwing this weekend and on me.. I was in tears most of the time.  Saturday Laval was preaching and ministering.  He asked us to pray about what direction God has placed on our life, what our own personal calling and gifting is.  And while I have had an idea of what mine is, I certainly have NOT been walking in it (ouch).  If you read back you can certainly see how I have let myself be distracted.  Sunday morning service was just AWESOME!  He spoke a personal message first to our church, about how we are grieving over the loss of our pastor, like how the Israelites were grieving after Moses died.. and like in that situation the Lord raised up Joshua to lead on, and now Jesse our current Pastor to lead us on.  Ohh that was a hard thing to hear.. not a dry eye.  Then he went into a wonderful message based on Jeremiah 18 and the potter's hand.  And while I have studied this passage before and knew where he was going and the nuggets he was pulling out, I enjoyed it very much and needed to hear it again.  Remembering who is in control of the wheel the clay is spinning on.. and notice who's hand NEVER leaves the clay.  I really wish we could have web-pod casts to share it all with you (who knows maybe in the future) so you could share in this awesome message too.  I just feel really blessed and coming off a spiritual high.. like the darkness, the thick haze I have been in is starting to lift.

Josh is coming home Tuesday night (whoot whoot) and will be home till Sunday night.  Then he will be off again on theroad.  But this time he'll only be a 4 hour drive a way.  Maybe I can talk my friend into watching the kids again one weekend and sneak a way.. but I won't count on it.  I'm just happy to see Josh this week since I was not expecting him back home so soon.

Can you tell I am really loving the new feature of posting video's in my journal??? LOL 

I'll be back later today to post my thoughts and memories about 9/11.


  1. Wow...I have chills...thank you for sharing! :o)

  2. Did you know your journal makes the oddest noise?  It takes a while to load but then it sounds like clicking over and over.
    Very odd.