Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Testing out MoBlogging from my e-mail & Sick Sophia

Image from AOL Pictures <----- gives all the details about Moblogging.. I forgot what I was looking for but came across this and thought I would give it a test run.   I don't have net on my cell anymore but this may be an incentive to get it back.  Right now I am testing it out from my e-mail account on AOL since all you really are doing is sending an e-mail to your journal. 
I'm sending an attachment of poor sick Sophia to see if it goes threw and posts.  In the post about Moblogging it said in August you will be able to send video threw moblog (hello it's almost Oct.. has this update been made yet?)


  1. Poor thing.  She has the sick eyes.  :o(


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  2. Poor can tell she really is sick!

  3. Poor Sophia!  I hope she gets better soon!  Carolyn