Tuesday, September 12, 2006

loquacious: Word A Day from AlphaDictionary.com

loquacious •

Pronunciation: lo-kway-shês • Hear it!

Part of Speech: Adjective

Meaning: Very talkative, chatty, using lots of words, verbose.

Notes: The noun from today's word is loquacity [lo-qwæ-sê-ti] and the adverb loquaciously. A related adjective is loquent "talking, speaking", which turns up mostly in technical writing as in, "Do chimpanzees comprise a loquent species?" This adjective yields a noun, loquency "talk, the ability to speak". The synonym of today's word, talkative, is an accepted lexical violation in that it is made up of a native stem, talk, plus a Latin suffix -ative, two grammatically incompatible constituents. But perhaps I am waxing loquacious myself and should stop here to leave room for a few other comments on this interesting word.

In Play: Today's word is the antonym of an earlier Good Word, reticent "taciturn, untalkative". "Molly was such a reticent child but since starting school she has become positively loquacious." Loquacity can be fun and entertaining or it can get in the way: "We want to keep today's meeting short, so I may interrupt anyone who becomes too loquacious."

*At the ladies meeting Saturday, Norma referred to the telephone as the hell-a-phone. Implying becoming too loquacious is a drain on our spiritual life.  She even suggested that we should put a 20 min. time limit on phone conversations.


  1. 20 minutes on the phone would be NO problem for me...my addicition is the computer.
    Loquacious.   I'll have to forget that!   lol

  2. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be very loquacious!  I'm finding out what it's like to be around mebecause my little one is also extremely loquatious!  A agree with the other pot- 20 minutes on the phone is no problem for me (unless I'm talking to my best friends from back home!) it's this computer that's got me hooked!  Love carolyn

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  5. Very loquacious of you. Hi Mary. Regards, Bill.