Monday, September 11, 2006

My recounting of that day and Are YOU ready??

Let Your Glory Fly- 9-11 Tribute

Let Your Glory Fly- 9-11 Tribute

Five years ago today..

If any of you have had little ones you may be familiar with a PBS cartoon called Arthur.  Before we could afford cable t.v. or satellite, PBS was a staple in our family viewing and Arthur was one of our favored cartoons.  In one of the episodes they did a t.v. free week challenge and ofcourse my children wanted to follow suit and try it in our family.  I thought it a great idea and September 11th was to be the first day of t.v. free week.  I don't remember if I kissed my husband good bye that day or not, he would leave very early for work in those days and well before I was ready to be up and around.  I did get Zane on his bus for First grade and Anne Marie on her bus with our friend's daughter Gracie for Head Start Preschool.  And even though I only had little Lilly and Baby Sophia at home with me I was determined to follow threw with t.v. free week for myself too.  I put on my favored cleaning music.. Neil Diamond and started dusting and vacuuming.. holding 2 month old Sophia on my hip.  I am sure I got at least a good hour and half of cleaning done and was hitting a happy stride.

The phone rang and it was my husband.. strange because he almost NEVER calls from work.  This was before we both had cell phones and for him to call from his work he would have to use their office phone. 

"Mary, turn on the T.V.!!" he exclaimed. 

"No way.. are you testing me?? It is T.V. free week.. wait till you see all the cleaning I am getting done." I answered him thinking he was joking.

"No, turn it on the news now!  The radio here at the shop says America has been attacked.  I need you to tell me what is going on" he said frustrated.

When he said America has been attacked, thoughts of bombs going off aimed at our Military stationed in far off places came to mind.  I shrugged and clicked on ABC (the clearest channel we could get in)  I turned the T.V. on to see a building in New York engulfed by smoke, and just then.. the second plane hit, Live and in vivid color for the world to see. (I am thinkingit was now a replay)  My happy morning of cleaning and t.v. free time turned into being glued to the tv for days watching a nightmare.

I screamed "OH MY GOD" and almost dropped the baby.  I was shaking, knowing this was no accident.  I put the baby in her pumpkin seat and got back on the phone and told Josh what I was seeing.  Tears started to stream down my face for all those people on the planes.  Then reports of The Pentagon was hit and car bombs going off at the State Department, it was terrifying, not knowing when it was going to stop. Then I saw the towers starting to fall.. my gut was ripped in two thinking of all those People, Lord all those People in those buildings are going to die!! I couldn't stop shaking and crying as I retold it all to my husband on the phone. Yes, some one is attacking us, we are at war if we like it or not. Josh asked if he should come home and I ofcourse said YES.  I did not want to be alone and at times like this we need to be together.  We choose to have Josh pick up our son from school with a fear that the Saint Louis area may be targeted too.

I called my friend at work who's daughter went to Head Start with Annie.  I asked Kathy if she was seeing what I was seeing and she sadly said yes.  I asked her if I should pick the girls up, and how can she be so clam.  I could hear the peace in her voice as she said, "God is in control, the girls will be fine."

God is in control.. he is still on the throne.. that thought comforted me that day and has been something I cling to ever since.  How people who do not know that with out a shadow of doubt can get threw times like these or even normal every day life with out that comfort, is beyond me.

It is now five years later already.  Watching all the coverage on t.v. makes it feel like yesterday in many ways.  My gut still rips apart watching the footage, tears always stream down, but my spirit is lifted knowing that God is still in control.

The question that keeps being asked today it seems, "Are we any safer now?"  I know some feel they are and some feel they are not.  I feel both.. we can do everything in our power to prevent another 9/11, have all the technology and security and military strength and might but it is God who puts his hand on everything and he chooses if he will shield us or lift the hedge of protection. 

Yes God Bless America.. but America.. when are you going to Bless God?

How much more will a righteous God take if we ignore him, if we kill our babies in the name of choice or medical research, if we openly sin and spit on his name taking his name and law out of the public square, if we are unrepentant as a Nation.  Yes we are mourning today, but does America recognize her wake up call.. does she have a broken and contrite heart?  Is God's people on their knees?

God loves us so much, he does what ever it takes to bring his to him.  He will move mountains and buildings to get your attention but the choice is ultimately yours if you will receive or reject him. I believe 9/11 was part of a preparation, another step, things set in motion that can not be stopped. The time is getting shorter and shorter before the return of Jesus Christ.  We are starting to see the birthing pains, wars and rumors of wars, violant weather, a world government is coming where our sovertey  will be taken, technology is available TODAY where you can get a chip in your hand with all your personal information and it can track you and with security concerns it is becoming a more acceptable idea, there is already a call for a National ID Card.  Israel's land is being divided, and they are ready to rebuild the temple at a moments notice.. all is in place, it is only waiting on God's time table now.  If you think the world is going to be any better, it is not.  There maybe a small time of peace but it will be a false peace.  Are you ready?  Don't put off today making Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, tomorrow is not promised to anyone, as we saw five years ago.


  1. A beautiful and moving tribute.  I have been in tears today over the many tributes I have read.

  2. AMEN!!!  AMEN!!!  AMEN!!!  He is the Lord my God and He will not be put off.  Thank you, my sister.  Bessings in Christ, Penny

  3. Man's evil showed itself that day thats for sure.  A lot of people turned to God in prayer as the whole world mourned...Sandi

  4. THat one sentence, "God Bless America...but America...when are you going to bless God?"  sums it all up.    That day is etched in all of our minds...vividly.

  5. You wrote an excellent entry!!

  6. A riveting account of your experience that morning!  And very true, yet often scoffed at, words following.  -  BArbara