Monday, September 18, 2006

Enjoying it all while we can

Balloon Race @ Forest Park STL '06


Josh was home for a few brief days.. that is getting old, but when he is here we try and pack in all this family time. I should of taken more pictures but I wanted to enjoy too instead of always being the archiver, shutter bug, family history keeper. 

Friday night we went to a free family/concert event at El Shaddai Ranch.  It was an awesome time, even though it was geared more for teenagers we still enjoyed it.  I wish I could find the name of the artist who performed.. he was fanominal and the kids are begging for his CD.  He was a white, Christian... rapper LOL BUT the boy has got                    

T A L E N T with a POWERFUL testimony!!!!  Sophia and Lilly had to be right up front and Zane was even recognized by a girllllllll that he used to go to school with.  Ofcourse this embarrassed him when questioned about it, he played it off that he barely remembered her (well honey apparently she remembered YOU! ya I am so bad about teasing him lol)

Saturday we went to our first Great Forest Park Balloon Race. We have lived in the STL area for over 9 years now and have never gone, so I was very excited to go to this annual event.  We had a picnic in the park after we could find a parking place and then make the trek behind the Muny where the main happenings were taking place.  By the time the race was starting the kids were sooooooooo tired and whinny it was getting on my last nerve.  So we left after the first few balloons took off.  It was a windy day and I don't even think the Bunny Balloon got to take off.

Saturday night I was determined to go out and have a date night with Josh.  But what I really was craving was adult interaction, socializing and getting a wee bit buzz on lol.  But apparently everyone I know who still goes out and cuts loose were busy and had no suggestions of where Josh and I could go. You have to understand.. we don't go out to bars or clubs hardly ever anymore, isn't consistent with our lifestyle but I don't see any harm in doing it now and then, trying to recapture my fleeting youth.  Josh and I bar hopped a bit, played pool, I even got him to slow dance with me once.  We got a room because you know (in a quiet whisper) hotel sex is funAnd that was our weekend.  Sunday we missed church, Josh packed up and headed back for the road.  He is estimated to be gone for another month straight.  I won't even go into it right now the conversations and my emotions about the direction his career is taking him and the lonely feeling of basically being a single mom while he is gone..I know others have it worse off then me and there is a time and season... anyway..

Monday I decided to have a special day with Annie.  She played hookie from school and we went to this place called The Plaid Monkey.  We had a Mommy & Me spa day.  Got our nails done and our hair trimmed and styled.  And while it was a cool place for kids, they have parties you can book and all that with dress up, my nails are already smudged and the massage chair is not half as good as the Salon I go to (when I can go) in the Wal-Mart at Lake Saint Louis. Then we went shopping.  Annie needed new shoes BADLY and I also got her a purse and a new outfit.  Ofcourse when I saw the green leather handbag I had to get it (it was on sale!)  I needed a wintry purse and if you don't know by now.. lime green is my was MY color before it became all the rage and everyone else stole it from me LOL.  Then we went to a nice Chinna Buffet.. where I chipped another tooth (ughhhhhhhh will I ever be able to have a toothy smile again??!)  I probably spent too much money but the memories and joy Annie had spending alone time with me is worth it.


  1. Yay for hotel sex!!!!  Why do you think they always have mirrors at the foot or head of the bed? :)


  2. So you're the kind of folks I always hear when I am staying at a hotel?!  LOL  Some of those wall aren't soundproof!  LOL


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  3. Your journal is fabulous!  I've put you on my alerts!  Wow!


  4. You know, I do feel bad that you and Josh have to be apart so much, but it can be good too, in that when you are together, you (and your family) do things to the fullest, that many of us who are together all the time take for granted.  Sure, your kids might remember long stretches of time without Daddy, but at the same time, they'll remember fondly all the special things you did together.   Speaking of which, Annie will always remember the "girl's day out".  Sound's like something real special. You should do that with all your kids once in a while. I'm glad you all had time together, even the two of you at a hotel (I wish I could be so bold)  Take care- love Carolyn

  5. Those were some awesome pics....beautiful kids.    That Balloon Race looked like it was sooo much fun!    I've been to STL a few times, and really enjoyed it....would like to go back some time.     that Balloon race would have been the perfect time, too!