Monday, October 31, 2005

Too much to do.. Putting off NaNoWriMo

I think I am going to back out of NaNoWriMO this year.  Is it out of fear that I can not do it.. no not really.. I know I can.. I have before.  Maybe it is I just don't want to churn out crap and want to be better prepared for next year instead? Yaaa that's it.. my time is precious, why spend a month writing a novel that is only going to sit in my unread computer files when I could focus that time and energy for that month on better things.. like getting deep into the Word and setting my house in order. Ya, that is what I am going to be telling myself and next year I am going to be so prepared for NaNoWriMo and write that Best Seller that will sweep the country and the world and launch my writing career.  LOL

Something is coming, I can feel it.  I feel like God has me in this place of preparing for it.  I don't know what it is, but it is something big.  Ever feel that way?  Like you are waiting to turn a corner and when you get there, a big surprise for you is going to jump at you? I wouldn't call it an uneasy feeling but more of an electric one. As I was driving to church this morning it was like God had put that on me.  Telling me to get ready.. get into the Word.

Maybe partly that feeling comes on because I have been considering changing churches (maybe) to one that is in town.  Now if you are already planted in a good church home you know that is a BIG change and not something some one should do lightly.  I am very comfortable in my current church home.. in my flesh I say "But I don't wanttta move churches.. I have a solid foundation at this one, good fellowship and friends and teaching.. I have my place there".  But I know God has brought me out here for a purpose and a plan and he has already put a few people that I have met on my heart.  My church is a 30 min. (at least) drive from where I live now.  Trying to encourage others that I meet to visit my church is somewhat hard.  The distance and drive time is a big obstacle for some people and my van barely fits my family much less another one.  There is a new church that has just opened close to my house that I visited their "meet and greet" party a few weeks back.  I have already recommended it to a few people but for some they need that push of encouragement to go if you go with them.. after all if you have been out of church your whole life who wants to just walk blindly into one with out knowing anyone there.  I know that was partly the case with me.  The thought is somewhat exciting to me also. A place where I can help disciple others, be apart of a growing family and what God is doing in this small growing town that I have moved to.. be effective in my little world, my community. Not that I don't have opportunities to serve in my current church.. Lord knows, but because of how far we live it has become something of a deterrent.  I had never considered it to be a problem before we moved but now that we are on the other side, I am kinda kicking myself for not thinking about how that would effect us.  I can not say for sure if we are going to move churches.. it is all in prayer and I will know when God tells me it is time.

One thing that did give me mixed feelings about the thought of moving home churches was yesterday we had a simple ceremony welcoming in 5 new members who have decided to join our church.  When you join a church you dedicate yourself to it and come under that leadership and their teacing.. it is very important.  There is too much cafeteria style Christianity where people go to this or that church for this kind of ministry and then to another.. like a buffet style.. when really that is not how it supposed to be.  You need to be planted somewhere so that you do have that accountability in your life.  So when these new members got up and said they wanted to do that my heart leapt.. and I thought.. see, I have dedicated myself to this church, this is where God wants me to be, why was I even entertaining the thought of leaving. 

But after church one of the ladies who sings (looks more like dancing to me) with Sign Language on the Worship team offered to start sign classes to anyone who wanted to learn.  I was very interested and ofcourse my 8 yrd daughter Annie chimed in right away that she wanted to learn too. I signed up for the 12 week classes as a family.  They start next Sunday.  What gets me about that is, the church I visited in town has deaf people as members and people were signing all over the place at the meet and greet and I had wished I could too so I could talk with the ones who were deaf and not need an interpreter.  So when the classes came up I thought.. ohhh isn't that perfect.. if we do switch I will know sign language to communicate with those members.  See how I go back and forth here??? LOL   I have many thoughts about this topic but I will save it.  Believe me when I say I would not move home churches with out much prayer and talking to others first about it and hearing from God.

THREE MORE DAYS and Josh is going to be home!!!!!!!!  That is another reason I am thinking of putting off NaNoWriMO.  I want to get this place in shape before Josh gets home.  I am soooo close to finishing the downstairs bathroom.  I just need to paint one more coat on a wall and then paint the ceiling.  Oh just wait till you see the pictures!  LOL Plus there is this thing with picture frames and ribbon to put in that bathroom I want to get done also before he gets home.  On top of that add the normal deep house cleaning I like to get done and the bills I have to pay.  He gets home Wed.  We are meeting at the hotel the Union is having the graduation party at.  I reserved us a room and have a babysitter all set.  I hope he knows he is NOT going to be sleeping Wednesday night LMBO! I would go and buy a special nighty for our overnight stay but really people what would be the point if you now what I mean. Thursday we plan on keeping the kids home so they can spend time with Daddy.  And Thursday night I invited two of our neighbors over for a chilly dinner.  I have been wanting to invite people over for a simple dinner for awhile now but not with out Josh here.  I told them if you want to see my husband.. really I DOOOOO have one, Thursday will be the best time.  So add shopping and cooking to my list of things to get done.  Josh then is going to leave Friday morning.  When he will come back who knows.  Maybe for Thanksgiving and then over Christmas we will go up there.

So as you can see I better get off my duff and get moving.  I don't expect to post much this week or get much reading done either (sureee I say that now.. we will see).  But come Friday night I will make the rounds and get all caught up!


  1. I think it is wonderful that you signed up for that class; I always wanted to learn how to do sign language. Perhaps the Lord is leading you that way to go.

    Have a great time with Josh when he comes home.


  2. I have been through the agonizing church move a few years back.  Had been at the same church since I was 11 years old.  Wonderful fellowship!  Great teaching and equipping church.  Mission minded.  But more and more I felt led of God to move to this small church near my home and in the midst of the community I live in.  I made the move, tearfully.  I have found a new sweet fellowship and also that the equipping my first church did prepared me for what God would have me to do at the one I'm in now........So, pray, be sure of His leading, then close your eyes, stick out your hand and go!  -  Barbara
    P.S.  Have a great "get-away!"

  3. I know you ll be glad when josh is home. I bet you cant wait seems like a week more than three days to you. hope he does not have t go out of town much more.
    Yeah I can see the need to back out of writing a story. it does take a lot and you r new home and josh gone you have to focus on your family. I can understand your wanting to change and itmight be easier for you to be invovled and with gas and all its a real issue now days. Yes we are planted at FOB but branch out and they kind of branch out but yet they are our plan our vine  that leads tothe branches so I hear ya there.

  4. hello friend I too have been thinking the same thing about God getting me ready for something i thoiught this before we moived from calif i was in a big church there very good bible teaching church and very involved loved it never dreamed of leaving then in bible study we took a test on spritiual gifts and i thought i knew what mine was you know they change with growtyh in his word well it came out teaching i said no God wrong person then he opend doors for us to move here and to a church where it was small like 15 people includoing kids well coming from achurch of over 6,000 that was a shock bu ti thiught GOD had me there to start some new ministries then he moved us again to another church i love it here and i think i am readt to go where he will have me i am in prayer and talked to some peopkle about it already so keep me in p[rayer and i will be keeping you in prayer how awasome God is and he will do amazing things through you i know God bless my frined kelley