Sunday, June 26, 2005

Cheap fun and I am reminded again of how Blessed I am..

After I picked the kids up from their over nighter we elected to go to Grant's Farm.  If you ever visit Saint Louis and are looking for something cheap to do with the family, check out Grant's Farm.  You only have to pay $6 for parking and admission is free.

We had a lot of fun, even if it was a really hot day.  We cooled off in the shade alot and they did have a water sprayer for the kids to play in (see pics..too cute).  In the park you basically take a tram tour.  The animals are plenty and they can hide or as did the Buffalo, get really close up.  Sophia did get scared when one of the Buffalo got really close and she about had a fit.  Other than that it was all excitement and good times.  At the end of our tour we stopped off at the gift shop and picked up post cards.  I suggested to the kids they could send them to Uncle Tommy.. we are long over due in the letter writing department.  Ohh and enjoy the pics, Zane took most of them.  He is a budding photographer and director.  He kept asking the staff if they would pose for a picture and most where happy to for him.

On the way into the park I did notice a women standing around as if waiting for a ride.  She had luggage and bags.  I thought it was odd and kept in mind Monica's story about a caller she had gotten at work the other day.  LOL I projected the story I read in Mon's journal to be this women's story and felt sad for her as I parked.  But once we were in the park I forgot all about her until we were leaving.  The women was still there, only a little bit further down the way at the corner.  As my van approached her I rolled down my window and when we were at the stop light I yelled out to her if she needed a ride.  She jogged over to me leaving her bags where they were (she had a lot of them).  Where you heading she asked, as she scanned the inside of my van.  I told her my general direction and she said, Oh. Well you have kids and I have alot of stuff so I don't want to impose but do you have a few bucks for a cold drink?  I realized after a survey of how beat up her bags were and her slightly dirty cloths that she was a street person.  I wish she would of excepted my offer for a ride, so I could hear her realstory and maybe help in some small way but the light was starting to change and I didn't have my wallet handy.  I offered her my unopened diet soda instead but again she said no thanks, she doesn't like soda. Then there was a honk of a horn from the car behind me and the conversation was over just like that.

The kids asked as we drove away why that lady was just standing there with all her stuff?  I told them probably because she had no where to go, she lived on the street.  I suggest we pray for this women, for protection and for God's care over her.  I am asking the same of you all too.  Pray for this women.

I was lost in thought on the way home.  Thinking how easily that women could of been me if I had taken a turn here or there instead of  making the choices I did make.  She made me think of certain friends who I know may be on the street now, instead of having families and homes.  The Bible says sometimes we entertain angels unaware and that is why we should welcome in strangers.. was this women an angel sent to remind me yet again how blessed I am?  My mind turned what would I said to this women and do with her if she had accepted my offer of a ride.  Would I , could I of taken her home?  Ya, I do sound like a sucker huh.  LOL but I wouldn't of only because my house is in utter chaos right now and I would of been too embarrassed by the mess.  Silly I know.  My mind was searching to think of what homeless shelters I knew of and where they were, but none were coming up.  You know I always look at underpasses for people sleeping or  hanging out, with the idea if I had extra on hand I could give it over to them, but I never do see anyone.  And really that is likely a claque about homeless people and underpasses.  I know there is a section by the river where some gather and in the past some from church have taken food and blankets and clothes down there.  Women are generally asked not to come for safety but I think I would like to go just once.  Sometimes we fear things just because we are told to, and it holds us back from doing what God is asking.

Anyway I am rambling now lol.  It was a good day, and I am blessed.  Hope you all can count your blessings too and be thankful.


  1. oh be careful offereing rides weh ahve had a few here in the news whooffered rides only to be abducted or in serious danger. I know you have a sweet heart but I want to help too yet I have to be careful and not take any chances. you just cant know. some ofthese are state peole who are off thier medicines and some are Im sure good. one lady offered a ride got turned down becuase she had only room for one she had her sister her mom and her brother in her car. come to find out that person at gun point made the other person drive her to another state after robbing a store. He had tured down the car ful becuase its too hard to control that many people. Im sure after your sisterss experience loosing her child you can see that you just never know. I know you want to help so bad. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!!! I dont say this be offensive and Ih ope you dont think IM being too nosey here just thinking of you and your kids. but that place does look neat you went to. Im going to go back now and look thru all the pics. I wanted to read the story first.

  2. loved the slide show!!!!!!!!! some of the emplyees dont like they they like thier pic taken LOL that water sprinkler is neat and yes they always got expensive toy shosp at hte end of the trip dont they.

  3. What a wonderful place. Its always fun to see things through kids eyes too!
    I certainly know what your talking about with the angels and homeless people. Unfortunatley in Atlanta there are lots and lots of people in certain areas near the interstate. Police do run them off to keep them from running in the street. I would have had to turn a hard cheek on that homeless woman. I would have called a cab for her if I could afford it. Most of the time truck drivers give homeless rides hopefully someone came to her aid and she wasn't evil. Yes its very dangerous to pick up hitchhikers. Becareful out there.

  4. Looks like fun!

  5. love the photos, you are blessed indeed mary :-)

  6. are you crazy lady you didnt give the lady anything. you need to pick the bible up you follow it , it tells you to help homeless back up to there feet and get them started in life again. in all accounts by the bible you where suppose to take her home and care for her. if you dont believe me ask your pastor its in the bible. i love people that tell me there a christian ,there liars !!!!!!there is so many people in need in this world if you did what the bible told you , you would be broke and wouldnt own a car. second it states clearly in the bible if you want  to make it to heaven you cant have goods or riches. GOOD LUCK LIVING YOUR LIFE OUT AS A WEEKEND CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iF I EVER SEEN YOU ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IN NEED OF HELP REMIND TO KEEP DRIVING LIKE  A GOOD CHRISTIAN WOULD. YOUR RELIGION IS PREETY MESSSED UP. DONT NEED THAT. im not a god believer ,but at least as a human being i have helped homeless ive been there. im a micro. comp. tech. and i have been out of work before and down. what gets me though is your a christian, and im i a non - believer  and i do more for my fellow humans than you do. its sad!!!a opened can of coke thank you christian that will really help me homeless starving in the cold , no job and you drive off and leave me with nothing yes praise jesus hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!