Monday, June 13, 2005



OMG!!  I just worte this 3 page post and went to copy and past it to check my spelling and lost it allllllllllllllll!! I presed Shift C instead of Ctrl C.. and it all deleted! MAN!

Obviously I am not going to re do it all.  So here is the condenced version.

Sister surprised me with a visit at one of the worst times.  I had alot planned for this past weekend but it is ok.. I love to see my nieces anyway.  Took Zane and Annie to camp with my friend Kathy.. it was an allllllllll day trip.. 4 hours there and 4 hours back.  Sunday I said good bye to my sister and it was very emotional.  After church Josh and I decided to go house hunting further out west, in the boonies where you can get more hosue for your money.  About a 25 min drive from where we are now.

3 builders later we are almost sold on a house that may be too much for us but we are talking to the Finacning company they work with.  The builder offered to pay 10,000 in closing costs and for what ever else we may need to use it for, we may even come away with money, becuse they want to sell this house fast. It is a brand new sub div. being built and besides the model houses this is the second house built, and ready for moving in.  The more I look at it and think about it and dream about it and crunch the number, the more my hopes get up.  Nothing is signed yet but if all goes well we could close as early as July 18th.. a day after Josh advances to Journymen.

Basicly Pray for us!!!  If this is where God wants us to be that every thing will go smothly and if it is not where he wants us that he will lead us to where he does.  We are thinking even if we don't get this house we may build a lesser of a house with them and still be very happy.

Here is the floor plan..



 here is what the outside looks like execpt for the color is differnt.

In the house the master bathroom has the luxery option.. spa tub and shower stall and double sink.  See that walk in closet! It could almost be a room in of it's self lol.  The house has alll the options built in expect for the kitchen island.  We are thinking of turning the den and dinningroom in to a 5th bedroom for the MIL and leaving the loft open as a play area and office area. This house is HUGE compaired to what we were thinking we could get or even dream of getting.


  1. COOL I Love it. Now you have to take real pics of it too. MAN this is so neat. I pray peace for you. pray for usas we are in negotioinaons have been for two weeks on atruck finally. got the Ruth thing out of the way and now we need a truck to pull this big camper.

  2. I think I like that floor plan!  Hope you get the direction, confirmation you need as to how to proceed.  -  Barbara

  3. It's a beautiful house, hon. Hope you get it. The floor plan is great. Wherever you wind up, please take pics, okay. like the before and after. It would be great to see. Will pray about this. Hugs. Barb-

  4. it is a great place you are in my prayers. it would be so wonderful if you could get it. loveya mom

  5. It is gorgeous. I will pray for you. *Louise*

  6. I forgot I love the pics of the kids. They all look like they were having fun. I love the one where the two are asleep. How cute. :)

  7. viviansullinwankJune 14, 2005 at 6:06 PM

    Oh {{{{{Mary}}}}}

    What a beautiful home....I love the floor plan. I will be praying that you get this home and love it and live it in for a very long time!!!  I'll look forward to updates!!!


  8. Wow, I sure hope you get that house, it's beautiful!!

  9. love the photos...and I pray you get the house and it all works out, it's a lovely home for you and your family   ~