Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fighting Discouragement.. Prayer and Watchmen Radio

Tonight (Wednesday) I finally got to go to a Wed night service at church.  It seems like it has been forever but with the home buying classes all done now I can start going back to church in the middle of the week.  It seems like (as always) the message was timely for me. 

The topic was Defeating Discouragement, using Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem as an illustration.  I thought it would be beneficial to post my notes here.. for me and for anyone else who may need it.. because let's face it.. we all feel discouraged now and then.  


What causes it? Outside and internal influences:  

Ridicule.. by those around you or even you yourself.

Doubt Sarcastic.. from those around you

Repression.. Fear

Being tiered physically and mentally.. fatigue.

Frustration... anxiety

Pessimistic.. negative ppl around you  

Cures for Discouragement  

Ask God for help!!

Prayer before proceeding

Don't talk back or feed into those being negative around you.. Talk to God instead

Press on.. Don't stop, keep going

Reorganize your priorities, change your approach.

Remember who God is!!

Stay focused on the Lord and NOT on the situation.

Get good rest so you can be refreshed for the next day and the next task.  

I asked for some scriptures to read when we are feeling discouragement and I was promised to have those gotten to me by Sunday.. I'll repost them here.  


  Also tonight the prayer group I head up met for a chat time in the group's chat room(pubg400680284846829chat Wednesdaynights at 10p.m. Central time ).  We prayed and fellowship.  We are going to try and make this a weekly event for our group but as always anyone who needs prayer is free to join in or even just post requests at Prayer In Jesus Name.   

Also I wanted to point youall to listen to the last week's Watchmen Radio's program posted on Count Down USA or click here.  Our very own Hunter from Jesus Is Coming In This Generation can be heard reading the news of the week.  He has a very sweet voice and it was neat to get toput a voice behind the entries he posts with such passion.  I just started looking threw the site but it seems to be a very informative End Times ministry and a short wave radio is going on my wish list lol. I also have put in my reminders to listen every Friday night 10 p.m. Est. to hear the show Watchmen Radio live online.  Check it out!


  1. Seems as if discouragment is abounding greatly lately.

  2. I tried to figure out how to hear watchman radio before and couldn't quite figure it out.  Are you available to help me figure this one out.  I'd really like to hear him.

  3. I love the blessing of remembering that with God all things are possible.  This is perhaps my biggest struggle in life, thank you for posting the entry.

    God led you to do this one just for me.


  4. jesus, what jesus? if you done any research on religion and history,you would realize there is no god.  for a matter of fact your jesus is a new religion(christians) very very new. for thousands of years there has been many relegions you couldnt possibly tell me which one is right or wrong if you can you would be lying!!!! human has always wanted to believe in something after death, BUT REALITY IS YOUR DEAD!!!! FACE THAT ,TRY TO BE A DECENT PERSON, AND NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR TEN PERCENT ON CHURCH .