Monday, June 27, 2005

Irronic.. and basicly.. nothing was resolved with these ruling..

AOL NEWS: "WASHINGTON (June 27) - The Supreme Court struggled in a pair of 5-4 rulings Monday to define how much blending of church and state is constitutionally permissible, allowing the Ten Commandments to be displayed outside the Texas state Capitol but not inside Kentucky courthouses.

In its first rulings on the issue in a quarter-century, the high court said that displays of the Ten Commandments on government property are not inherently unconstitutional. But each exhibit demands scrutiny to determine whether it amounts to a governmental promotion of religion, the court said in a case involving Kentucky courthouse exhibits."

Moses on the rear facade of the U.S. Supreme Court

Moses with the Ten Commandments inside the Supreme Court's courtroom


  1. The Supreme court has shown their true colors... a bunch of traitors to this country and worse yet to God.  They'll meet the real Judge of all the earth someday.

  2. I think what upsets me is that those that would dispose of the Ten Commandment monuments don't say "We should have no expressions recognignizing contributions to modern law."  ......but instead single out the Ten Commandments, solely because they are cherished by Christianity.

  3. No, I was not trying to be annonymous!  I just hit save without thinking.  The prior comment was mine.  -  Barbara