Sunday, June 26, 2005

Is there a better site then Map Quest??

Almost time to go get my children from their cousin's house.  So what did I do to take advantage of a very very rare night of being kidless AND husbandless???? NOTHING!!  The house was sooooooo quiet it was almost painful.  I would of gone out but I had no one to go out with and I am not the type of person that goes to a movie or goes bowling alone.

I played on the computer until about 2 a.m. (tisk tisk) When I finally got all caught up with journal reading and the chat rooms seemed to be too blah I put my away message on, turned off all the lights, locked the doors and went into my lonely bed.  I was flipping threw 500 channels with nothing on.  I turned down the tv and just started to hug Josh's pillow.. and smell it.  Yes I said smell it.  I have come to the conclusion that I can never live single (and wouldn't want to if I could) and my children is what color's my world.  I will appreciate them all the more and maybe that is why God gave me this alone time, so I could see exactly how good I have it.

I was deep in these thoughts, missing my husband and wishing I could talk to him when the phone rang.  I jumped out of bed and ran to the phone hoping that maybe my husband sensed how lonely I was and it was him calling me.  To my surprise it was my friend Amy asking if I was up. LOL ya I was up, kinda.

She was somewhere near Mt. Vernon, IL on her way to Panama City, FL.  Her son is in a little league baseball tournament down there and she thought the directions she got were screwy and wanted me to see if I could find some better ones off the net (because I am the Internet Queen around here don't you know)  So I went to the same place she got her directions from, Mapquest.  I was there earlier today getting directions to my husband's cousin's house and I can testify they can give you screwy almost too detailed directions that can make it confusing.  I looked and looked for a better site but found nothing.  I told her to get a map from a gas station and plot her trip on it, that will make her feel more confidant.  She claims she doesn't know how to read a map.  I wonder how that is possible, doesn't everyone take geography in school, and I know she was a good student.  We lamented how we wish I was there to help her on her journey, it would of made a fun trip, and how Josh would be laughing his butt off when he heard that SHE called me for directions.  He seems to think I am the worst when it comes to giving and taking directions.

So Amy and I talked for about an hour or so and then I told her I had to go to bed, call me when you get there.  I drifted off to sleep a bit less lonely.  I did set my alarm for 8:00 because I was going to go to church.  But when my eyes fluttered open at 10:45 I knew that wasn't going to happen so I drifted back to deep sleep.  Around 12:00 the phone woke me up with my husband's sweet voice on the other end.

He is still not sure how long he is going to be out of town but I pray that it will either be cut short or my loneliness will subside.  Maybe after I go and get the kids we will go and do something special?


  1. I am SO glad hubby called. I hate it when Johnny's gone. Our children are all grown now so it's almost always just the two of us.  We miss our children but really DO love having our own time now. Hope youre not alone too long. Hugs and much love. Barb-

  2. man isnt it amazing that there is NOHTING on tv mostly info mercials the same ones aiwth all these channels.!!!!!!!!! so glad you heard from Josh

  3. What a horrible feeling to be in bed without your hubby right? My husband has to work overnight several times a year and I have to tell you that I just can't sleep without him.
    Hugs *Louise*

  4. Good site for directions:
    The less I say about MapQuest the better!  :)

  5. Just think of all those ways you can show him just how much you missed him when he gets home!  ;)   -  Barbara