Friday, June 24, 2005

A reminder to stay prepared for the worst...

We had an appointment yesterday out at one of the builders and with a financing company.  Sadly the one house we wanted the lot for it was sold so that knocks that one out.  We could wait for another lot to become available but that one would have a bigger lot premium on it. LMBO.. and they were still trying to get us into that Mansion of a house.  Josh said sure if I went back to work.. HA! NOT, what would he have me do.. dance on a pole? jk  So basically we elimited that builder because they didn't have the cheaper house we wanted available.  So we drove by two of the other builders we liked and narrowed it down to two houses.  One smaller more bland reasonable house with a small standard master bath, but it would have a walk out basement and vaulted celing and a nice big lot.  The other one has all the features we liked from the one builder and most of their extras were standard making them reasonable too and they had the master bath that I loved.  Only on that one the lot we realy realy realy want has a hold on it untill July 3.  If they don't sign by then we can if we have the financing (and it looks like we will).  So I put a deposit on the smaller house's lot just incase we don't get that one.

On our way home Josh and I were talking about him leaving and what needed to be done while he was gone.  He started commenting how the tire felt wobbly and it shouldn't because he Just got it changed.  He was telling me how I needed to call on it and then it started getting worse.  Just as I was about to suggest us pull over to look at it.. the back tire of the van's tread came off!!!  Thankfully we did not crash (I was calling out to Jesus the whole time!)  We had to wait for a  tow and for a friend to pick us up.  So having to replace the tire dipped into what I wanted to spend this week plus Josh had to get gas and necessities for him going out of town for his job (but he gets reimbursed later).

I must say the house just doesn't seem right with out him here.  He hasn't even been gone a day yet and I miss him madly deeply.  Ya that may sound corny.. but hey he is my best friend too, not just my husband.

So lesson of the post... always keep a spare.. be it a tire or a lot for your house that you want to build.  And plan to budget for those things!!  And hold close your loved ones while you can, because they are something you can not replace or keep a spare for.


  1. I hope you find the house you want.
    Glad you didn't get into an accident with the tire. -Krissy

  2. glad you were safe.  BUT GIRL the reason you aint found a house is becuase your suppose to move here in ky and get a JOSH  a GOOD steady job and then buy your house. Since his mom is moivng on past you guys you might as well be here with friends!!!!!!!!!!