Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Doors close but windows open? Maybe...

WHAAAAAHOOOOOOOOO! Tonight was the last class with the Grant Lady. Can I get a yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!  Ok and that is about all the enthusiasm you will get from me for the rest of the post lol.  She may give us our certificate for completing the classes but gave us a written review that I must say was not all glowing.  She said we need to get control of our spending a bit more, especially on gas station trips (so we buy a soda here and there and Josh occasionally gets a lunch, it's not like we are really dropping THAT much money) and since we had overdraft charges in one of the bank statements we gave her that we should wait 3 months with no charges before looking for a house.  Gurrr.. we explained those to her.. how our bank sucks with their funds availably policy and we missed figured when a deposit was available (doesn't help when our bank did it AGAIN to us over this weekend... thinking of going back to the credit union).  While I am thankful that we were able to deal with this process and get info, since we are not going to be using this particular grant program and I feel like maybe Grant Lady is somewhat judgmental, I take what she said with a grain.  But another blow at the class was they had another program's grant lady come in to talk to us.. one that we had planned on using and listening to their guide lines it will be 6 months before we can use them.  Their rule is you can not have ANY collections on your credit report.  Josh has two very small ones that we planned on taking care of this month but it was said even so they would want to wait six months for it to come off the report.  So, so much for that. BUTTTT.. there is one more grant or loan program we can get (bet you didn't know there was all this free money out there) that we may qualify for and they give more money than this program but we have to go threw an approved lender first to see if we qualify.. appointment for that is already set up for tomorrow.  So we will see.  At worst we have to wait six more months to buy a home (can you feel me stomping my feet nooo now! like my 4yrd?)

But wait there is more.. Josh talked to his mom and she has decided to take a job back in Vegas and not move in with us as planned.  She will be making triple of what she makes now and said she feels really bad and would be willing to send us money to help us.  But that wasn't the point of her moving in with us and thankful we hadn't hinged her money on helping us get a house in the first place.  We saw it more of us helping her and wanting her to stay close to us, being there as the grand kids grow up. Really her moving in with us was what prompted this new housing search in the first place. So we are kinda teary eyed over that.  Josh is mourning that his mommy will never live in our area again.  She has plans to move at the end of July.  So that was that.  I must say I am disappointed.  I was looking forward to her being something of a relief now and than with the kids, and her teaching me how to cook and sew better and I knew how happy Josh was going to be with his mom so close.  But that is a bit less stress too.  Still it sucks.

And ONE more big piece of news.  For a week now Josh has been sitting work wise.  It is just crazy.. this is the mid. of June, he should be working over time not sitting and waiting for work to be available, plus his superintendent KNOWS we are looking to buy a house and need all the money we can get.  So he has been looking for other shops that are hiring and found one that has work for the next 10-15 days... OUT OF TOWN!  Some where in KY.  Not sure where in KY Lori and Jess or for sure you know I would be driving down with him to pay you all a visit LOL.  But we just found this out today that he is going out of town Friday morning so I am scrambling to get him ready.  He hasn't gone out of town for work since last summer, and that sucked too.  But we knew this was part of his job when he signed up to be a Union Painter so I can't do too much pouting over it.  Work is Work.

With Josh being out of town this weekend that puts an end to the romantic kid free Saturday night I had planned.  All four of our kids were invited to sleep over at Josh's cousin's for this Saturday night. So I am hopefully going to go out with the friend who has been watching the kids these last 3 Wed nights so we could go to the classes.  Don't know what we can possibly do lol but I am sure we can think of something.

So as you can see, some doors may have been closed for us buying a house but maybe some windows are opening.  I just wish I knew for sure what God had planned so I wouldn't get my hopes up but I know how ever things work out it will all be for the best and he will bless us.


  1. Sorry about your house ordeals. Its is a hassel. see I still tell you that Lexington is the place to be. NO ONE is out of work even in winter in lexington. They need workers bad. in our area. they cant find workers to stay they all head to florida as they are still behind on work. you move here and we can really visit. Well I know its sad about your morhter in law but I also know you had some reservations that AFTER shemoved in she would not be happy with your house keeping and such it and may put a strain on your relationship. So mayb this is GOD working as you know that having a good relationship whit your mom in law is important. BUT hey its okay to stomp and put long as you get over it when your done.

  2. I don't pretend to know what He's up to.....but when everything comes together and fall in place, God's way and when to get a house will definately be best.  And you'll probably wonder why you ever considered other ways of doing it.  I do pray safety over Josh as he travels to work and care for his family!  And I pray protection over ya'll while he's away.  -  Barbara

  3. viviansullinwankJune 24, 2005 at 3:30 AM

    {{{{{ Mary}}}}}
    Stay focused on your goal and keep it in prayer. The right house and grant will come. It is quite a process and there can often be 'turns in the road', but in the long run, after the plan is set...and in will start to feel better/more hopeful.   And yes you do deserve a place of your own built just the way you want it...and believe me once it's done and you're living in there you will sit in your rooms and just stare about you and marvel at the fact that it is yours...all yours  and you will love it and take care of it and make it the best possible home for your family!!!

    I'm looking forward to future posts.  Oh by the way, start exercising your hands because you will ultimately sign a lot of paperwork as you do the sales agreement on your home and go through the closing!  YIKES!!!