Thursday, July 15, 2004

Attention span of a fly

Some may aurge I have ADD or some may say I just get distracted easy.  I say I just have a bunch of stuff on my mind and it is hard to focus lately on anything but thoughts of my mom.  Last night I went to church for the endtimes class.  Josh DID NOT go last week and take notes for me like I asked him to. I wont go into rant mode about that, letting it go.. I figured I would just get a tape of last week and take notes off of that. No tape was avalible and copeys need to be made. So I am waiting on that.  Anyways I was trying to take diligent notes this week, the subject is "Will Jesus Appear at the Rapture?"  I am thinking Duh! ofcourse but apernatly there is a school of thought out there that thinks the rapture is going to be quick and quiet and the lession was on the scriptures that point to where he says over and over he will appear and about his milenila rein also, two separte events ofcourse.  I tried taking good notes, writting down the scripture refrances, but ofcourse my mind wondered to my mom and the what ifs..  I still have to post my notes from the class I went to before I left, The Rapture and the Shabua Principle, showing how God divides things in 7s and that the seventh always belongs to him.

I am trying to get back to somewhat normal homelife. Getting back into the swing of things having all four of my children here and keeping up with the house.  Josh did do a good job of keeping it half way decent and I am trying to improve on it.  The dishes are being kept up, the laundry is getting done, and the bedrooms (at least the kids rooms) are clean.  The floors are good and the dusting is getting done.  When does school start back up!?? lol  Josh is graduating to 3rd year apprentice at the end of the month! This means a raise in pay, a big one! And just one more year til he is journeymen and at full scale.  He is talking about a job that may take him out of town for a few months?! I am not happy about this idea, but I have known it has always been a possiblity.  But for now it doesnt look like he will be going untill his company gets a waiver from the school for him missing classes due to being out of town.  I wont hold my breath.  Anyways I am excited that he will be getting a big raise and that we maybe getting caught up soon and be able to start to save.  I still plan on taking a job this fall but not sure where and the whens.  Just something to get us threw winter, we dont want a repeat of this last one. But hopfuly, this winter will not be as slow as the last for Josh's work.  Our car is in the shop and we are currently using Josh's aunt and uncles. But we have it just till this weekend, when josh goes back over to ILL to finish painting thier house.  So I hope the shop calls us soon saying they have looked at our car and can fix it fast, we need to renew the plates (they expired last month)

I think I am fighting off depression or fatige.  I have decided after looking at my pics of me in it from my trip that I need to diet.  I hate how fat I have become, and didnt relize I was that big.  Over the winter I dieted and was down a few sizes and I thought I was doing good.  But ever since all this stuff with my mom has happen I have gone into craving junk food mode. So I am turning a new leaf and I may even exersize some lol. My snack food of choice is going to be either these yummy dried fruit morsels or a slim fast bar.  I am not ready to go back to the shake thing twice a day, trying not to spend too much money yet.  I know everyone is crazy for the low carb diet stuff, but I am lazy I guess and dont think I can commit to something that drastic. 

  I want to write on some of the stuff that happened up in Milwaukee but I dont know where to start.  Was hopping some one would ask about a pic that I posted and I would start with that but no nibbles yet.Anyways now I am just rambling on...


  1. Hello!!  Thanks for visiting my journal!!   -Jan

  2. I hope your Mom is doing all right.  I'll keep her in my prayers.

  3. It was weird to see pic of Milwaukee.  My sister lives there and I have not seen it  since I was 13.  Boy how things haven;t changed.  I hope your momis doing well.  I know it is hard.  When my mom was in the hospital, I got to a point where I need a break.  After being there for 1 1/2 weeks straight, I needed time for myself.  I know regret that.  The day I decided to go do my own thing, she went into a comma, and 2 days later she passed away.  I will never forget when she said to me, when I was trying to get her to eat.. she said :" What are you trying to do save your mothers life?"  It is the worst thing to go through.  I have and will keep your mother in my prayers.  Please keep me posted.  

    As far as me.  Well, I take things day by day.  Thank you for stopping and reading my journal.    I was beginning to think it was pointless.  Yes, Scott is still around.  But it is time for change.  I feel it in the air.  

    Well, I will go!  Hope to hear from you soon.  Big hugs.. Ann

  4. I have no idea what the "rapture is" But I do know of course Jesus is everywhere at all times. As for you being fat...well pictures add like 15 pounds. They aren't realistic. You aren't going to look gorgeous in pictures...who does. We are all lucky we look halfway like ourselves. You aren't as big as you think you are in those pictures. They probably aren't capturing you and you probably are thinner in person...just like models. They are all scare crows 90lbs soak n wet and look 120 in a photograph. Be easy on yourself. And yea i think you have had plenty of reason..with the four kids and the hub and the bills and the everything...nevermind a sick mom you have reasons to forget. If you lived alone, no kids no worries you would be as sharp and quick and know it all. But that's not how life works for moms. I could relate to this whole entry.