Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A few good links to consider

  Technorati: Top 100 AOL Journals never heard of Technorati but aperntly he has heard of me.  Alot of our faves are on THE LIST.  Not sure how it works, but it's neat-0.  This is the AOL ONLY LIST, there is another one for all blogs out there on the World Wide Web.   

 Special Interests - Journals Cafe Is where I am/was haning out.  Met a few new ppl and got a few new journal links to read.  Now if I could only make the B2B chats!  But this one is good too.  Always there, always open and new ppl who are into journaling to meet.  Felt kinda guilty pimping out my journal link, but hey, thats what the room is for? lol


  1. Hey don't feel guilty thats fun. I am thrilled there is a room. Let me know next time you are going and i will come if its late.

  2. There was only one other person when I went in. Of course its six am LOL Lori

  3. Mary, you bet that's what the room is for-meeting new people and finding new Js!

  4. Ill have to try the room some time. Sounds fun. God bless, Beckie

  5. Yes! that is what the Journal Cafe is for, I love reading other peoples journals. It's really cool.
    ~ Kennya

  6. God was right on time with that van wasn't he? Reminds me of that song, He's an on time God. Awesome song. God Bless!