Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Catching up

Well I am back baby!  DSL UP and running.  aww speed, ohh the power lol. It only took several calls to my phone company and tec support, hours on hold and mega frustration.

Our weekend went nicely.  I have tons of catching up to do on journals. I am tempted to just delet all that is in my box and catch up as the new alerts come in.  

What is it about Wasps and Sophia????? They must really hate her!  The last two times she has been stung while visiting over at Josh's moms.  Only her.  I can't find a nest or any of them flying around yet they find her.  My poor baby.  And then Monday in our own yard she got stung again! Twice!..  I have scoured the yard for those ugly nests and nothing.  I did learn about baking soda taking the sting out.  At least we know she is not alergic like her father is.  When he was a kid he kicked a nest up or something and got stung sooooo many times and he was rushed to the ER.  Ever since then he has been allergic to any kind of sting.

My mouth pain has kicked up again over the weekend.  So much so that I accepted a few pain pills from a friend last night. Hydrocodone (sp?)  I took one at thier house and one when I got home and then another one before I went to bed.  It nocked me out and I slepted allllll day today.  I got out of bed at 3:00 and my face was swollen!  The swelling has gone down some.  I was going to go to the hospital but Josh instead made me a dentist apointment.  Ofcourse I cant get in till the moring.  I know its not cuz of the pills, but cuz I have an infection. So here we go, here it all starts.  The fun of going to a dozen of dential apointments, finding rides there and sitters, oh and the money to pay for it all what the insurance wont.  How much does it cost ya think to get them all nocked out and get dencures?? : P

Happier note.  Today is Sophia's Birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.  She ofcourse wants a pony.  I thought she ment a my little pony doll but nope, she was talking about one she could ride on lol.  Keep draming dear.


  1. Glad you're up and running. My computer has been giving me all kinds of problems. I got so far behind in AOL journal alerts I deleted them and caught the next round. I have too. I read too many. And then I find another great one.****Happy Birthday Sophia *****

  2. Happy Birthday Sophia...have a lot of fun! And welcome back Mom!

  3. Happy birthday to your baby. YEAH ON THE DSL> YIPPEEEEEEE YOu know that I am so glad you got that. I would leave all my alerts or just go check a few journals in your side bar that is what I do sometimes. A few I visit most. Check MINE though LOL ABOUT YOUR teeth. I got tired of years of pain and filling and drilling and this and that. I at 41 this year had my teeth pulled I did several entreis on it and I would do it agian Dentsit for years fussed at me for not taking care of my teeth and I did find out that they over flourdated us So what I had was not fixed by brushing dentists do not like to admit this cause of the ada but its called flourisis resembles the periodontal disease. ONy burshing does not help. I had all mine pulled and new dentures with (horrible lousy) insurance for $1100. tops and bottoms. I do have advice I would never wiat the six weeks to get denturs like htey said!!!!!! UH HU not ever agian I talked ot people who got htiers right away and others who waite.d I ll go into detail on those who waited like me and why if you ever decide to get dentures. Glad you back online. Lori

  4. Welcome back.. Glad to see you are up and running.  I know what it is like not to have speed.  I really hated having dial-up.  Especially with AOL.  I knew I was getting my Powerlink back and I didn't change my payment, so I had to watch how long I was online.  WHAT A PAIN!  

    Happy Birthday to Sophia! How old is she now?  How time flies!?

    See you soon.  Lots of love.. Ann

  5. Happy Birthday sophia!!! Hope those wasps leave her alone, bless her heart.
    Hope your mouth is better and you get to the dentist.
    Prayers, Beckie

  6. Glad to hear you are up and running! God bless you for your journal and your openness with God.

  7. Hi!
    Just wanted to follow up with you - I get my scripture from BibleGateway
    here is the link.

    Hope your feeling much better my dear!