Thursday, July 22, 2004

Good times, Daily household stuff and Blessings.

OMG!! Just had the greatest of fun with Kara from BrandNewDAy.  We have decided to make Journals Cafe our haunt when we are up late online.  So if you are on past 12 or so, drop in on us.  I am sure with in a week it will be an all out J~Land fest in there.  In fact, and Kara agree with me here, I think AOL should pay me and Kara too ofcourse, to be nightly hosts.  All the baby journalers there, man, I feel like a Journal guru and you know I know about as much as the next seasoned Journaler.  Today I was explaining to a guy how to hyper link a link in his about me section so the column wouldn't take up all his journal and another person on how to drop and drag the heart to make a link in the room and advising another on how to start one all together.  But I did have fun tonight with Kara, she is easy to get along with and a dear friend.  So HEY AOL cough up the money for our community service here! lol

Other tid bits from the day..

Did you know they changed the nickel?? The back is different, in commemoration of the Louisiana Purchase.  My son pointed it out to me today.  He is a stickler for detail sometimes.  That that was interesting.

I am thisssss close to getting my DSL back!! Paying off the rest of the bill tomorrow morning, crossing my fingers that it will be up and running by Friday.  Now, if I can remember how to hook it back up, since you cant have dial up and dsl enabled at the same time and it's been what feels like a year since I disconnected it.  Have I told you that DIAL UP SUCKS!!!??? 

I made meatloaf and home made mash potatoes for dinner.  I even started it early so we could eat at a decent hour.  My husband came home and took a whiff and said, "What did I do to deserve this??" I told him he puts up with me and that is all the reason to make him one of his fav dishes.  Truth be told, I was just stumped on what to make, so there we go. Tomorrow, Spaghetti.  Oh ya, I better take out the ground turkey to defrost.  Thanks for reminding me!

Church was good tonight, just a recap about the last few lesions. Ya ya I know, I need to update my other journal with the new lesions.  I WILL get to it.  I did blush tonight when our Pastor mentioned using ppls talents and that Mary is going to help with some of the web stuff.  When they do have the other section of the church website up and running I have volunteered to add news links and such that pertain to the endtimes.  No biggie.  Guess I should be paying more attention to the news huh.  Truth be told, I wish I could do more.

I did get a big blessing though.  It has a back ground story to it so bare with me. ..

As you know I have a big family, 4 kids and two adults.  And as such we require a big car or van to transport us all around, if we all want to go to the same place.  My van has been dead for about six months now and we have been down to one car, an old 82 wagon. We all fit ok in there but it has an oil leak and water leak plus the tags was up on it July 1st.  It has been in the shop so we could get it all on the up and up to get the tags.  Plus we have to pay last years taxes on it, get an updated insurance card too. Mucho money time.  So we have been using Josh's Aunt and Uncle's car the last two weeks. FYI they live 3 hours away and Josh has been over there on the weekends painting their house for them, and this is the last weekend he planed on being over there.  And its a small car where we can only fit two of the kids in there at a time (has airbags so no kids in front) Soooo we was hoping to have the wagon out of the shop and with tags by Friday.  BUT If we did that we wouldn't be able to pay up on all these pesky things called bills (some disconnect notices too).  I wasn't stressing over it, a bit bummed that it was going to take even LONGER to get my dsl back and that we couldn't go anywhere as a family the last two weeks.  Then tonight after church someone asked me if we wanted a van they have.  It doesn't have air and one of the windows sticks, but other than that it works great.  Too good to be true, I asked lol if the tags are updated and all that lol and yes they are, just felt like we needed it greater than they did. My jaw drops, and I tell them about the situation we was in and how we probably could use it by this weekend since we have to go to ILL.   \o/Thank YOU LORD!  It is always amazing how he provides and gives us more than we could even think of, blessings abound.  Haven't even told Josh yet!




  1. OH how i want to get back into hte cafe. I need a cafe break. I got a busy day today. I almost got up and online last night and wish I had. I am sorr to hear about your bil problems. I do hope and pray you get that fixed soon. I also and praising God with you that someone was lead to give you a car. HOW neat. He seems to know always doesnt he. Thats just awsome nad YES!!!!!!!!!!!! dial up sucks. !!!!!!! I have been dsl for just over ayear since april and there is nothing like it. Lori

  2. That's wonderful!  I love the pic on your church's website,too!


  3. Amen sister. Hes good all the way around, all of the time! Blessing to you and your family. My church is like that as well. They will do anything to support each other!

  4. OH I'm so thrilled for you. Yay a new van. God always comes through. Always! LOL at just throwing the meat loaf together and he loved it. We love meatloaf here too. Except my oldest she dispises it. I had a great time with you last night. You are just too cute. I hope everyone comes into the chat so that can see that side of you. YOU ARE SO EASY TO GET ALONG WITH!

  5. Im so glad to hear that your vehicles probs are worked out.  That's awesome and its great to know that there are still good people in the world who are willing to help others out.

    By the way, I love meatloaf and mashed potatoes. Think you could send me some.

    See ya soon. A