Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Day with a dentist apointment

Ohh what a day..

I was up bright and early today to take Josh to work so I could have the van. I didn't take any pain pills cuz I knew I would be driving and also I didnt think I would need them as much, especialy thinking the dentist wasnt going to pull the tooth yet but just look at it and give me a script for antiboticts. But I put two in my pocket just incase. Josh is working all the way in Clayton at WashU, about an hour drive from our house. I did remember to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And Ohhhh he made the most lovely comment about how I looked.  He said I looked like a Who from the movie the Grinch (note the puffy cheeks).Then I got back home and kept trying to get ahold of Amy to see if she would watch Lilly and Sophia while I was at the dentist apointment.  We had talked last night but nothing was settled cuz she was thinking she might have to go to a baseball game, it was still to be anounced. Her phone was busy most of the morning!  My apointment was for 8:45.  So I was bracing myself for taking all four kids to the dentist with me.  I HAD TO GO!  I took a shower and got the kids cleaned up and dressed. Fed them some breakfast.  8:15 I decided to try Amy's one more time and got threw.  She still wasnt sure if there was a game or not but said she would watch the little ones but to leave some money incase of the game cuz it cost to get in.  No biggie, I owe her big time for all she has done for us with me going out of town, so I left her $15 and told her to keep it either way.  We didnt get to her house till 8:35, so I was running late.  Zane and Annie and Me made it to the dentist office just at 8:55.  The receptionist was real nice and she asked if I was Mary as soon as I walked in.  I think she could tell cuz of my swollen cheek. lol  So I fill out the paper work and all that fun stuff you got to do as a new patient.  Annie was playing with Legos and Zane was reading a magazine.  On the paper work it asked if you ever had a bad experance with a dentist before and if so explain.  All I could say was YES and put down he was mean .  I have had some doozies before, mostly from childhood, but the dentists for the most part that I have encountered have been nice but scoulding me for my poor care of my teeth.  I wasn't too stressed over this apointment.  I have been told by about everyone that if it was to be pulled it probly wont be on the first apointment cuz I will certainly need meds first for about a week.  I wasn't looking forward to him looking in my mouth and giving me that 'tisk tisk' sound.  So when I got called back I told him the prob, asked him to PLEASE not yell at me or scould me, cuz they are perty bad.   (ok maybe NOT that bad, but close engh). He smiled and said oh no he isnt like that at all. This dentist is young, probly just a bit, if that older than me and his office is very plesant.  I explained my situation and what the last dentist told me and how we have one income and 4 kids and so my dentail needs have always been put on hold. He took the pamaromic x-rays and a bite wing one of the infected area.  I had told him I had the full mouth ones about 13 months ago and that I know my ins wont cover them, but he said HE NEEDED THEM and they will file a claim and if anything work something out later. (ya thats going cost a pertty penny I bet).  I did say to him that we could just pull them out and get me false teeth, he kinda wrinkled his nose at that idea and said we'll disscuss options at my next apointment. (ya right, all the work he could do could probly pay off his student loans) It was just as I thought, an abcest, infection, big time!  But to my shock he wanted to pull it right then and now!  I asked him are you sure cuz I had been hearing other wise from everyone else.  He said since it was a top tooth it was ok, on the bottom teeth they mostly wait a week but on the top they can do it right away and he didnt feel good about waiting, lest it spread and get worse. But If I wanted to wait we could, up to me.  I was not prepared for that.  I had to brace myself and wrap my mind around it for a second.  The worst part of it all was the needle used to do the numbing. Hurt like a Son of a **&&(   Yes I cried like a baby. I sat for about 20-30 for it to take full effect and while doing that I poped a pain pill.  I also went to the lobby to check the kids.  The receptionist said they are great, hadnt heard a peep from them.  Still reading and playing with the legos.  As I sat in the chair getting ready for what was next I over heard the dentist talking with a lady.  The back where we sit is perty much just partions so it was easy to hear.  She was complaining of a filling that food kept getting stuck on and oh what about teeth whiting and oh what about that invisoline for her crooked back teeth.  I was thinking, sheesh, if only that is all I had to worry about.  I started to cry some for how bad my teeth was compaired to this other person who was about the same age as me.  Hers was a vainty apointment, mine was an emergancy, I know I shouldnt do that.  I started to pray as the tears droped, asking the Lord to help me threw, To be MY STRENTH, TO BE MY SHIELD,To BE MY STRONG TOWER, To BE HELP IN TIME OF NEED. HE HAS SET MY FEET ON A ROCK AND I SHALL NOT BE MOVED. The assistant walked in on me and saw me crying and asked if I was ok.  I said YES, I was just praying. She shruged her shoulders and walked out.  Then it was time.  He sat down and I told him how I was just thinking how I missed smiling. I used to have a big toothy grin. He said he was going to talk to me about that later and that he understood.  Less than a min. the rest of the broken tooth came out.  I will say this about him, at least he does exstractions!  Over the last few years all the dentists I have had dont do them, they refer you to a specialist. He then wrote me scripts for pain pills and Amoxicillin.  Sigh of relief.  Now my friends dont have to be my drug dealers and I have my own pain pills (don't worry I am thinking of you AJournaler, I wont become an addict)  My total bill I had to pay was $61.00  Our ins. is 80/20 up to a thousand each year and the new year for them starts in Oct.  I made the follow up apointment and also apointments for the kids to get cleanings.  The ladies in the office gave the kids big bright balloons and ofcourse I had to aske for two more.  There woudld of been some major fighting going on with just two balloons and 4 kids to share them.Then off to Walgreens to fill my scripts.  About a 20 min wait there so we looked around, found a 3 piece set of ponies for Sophia but nothing for Josh, besides he already got a b-day present over the weekend from me.  The soundtrack to Cold Mountian and the DVD set of the Second Season of that show The Shield.  I org wanted to get him a nice gold chain to put his wedding ring on, he isnt suposed to wear his ring at work for safty reasons but Wal-Mart only had short girly ones, oh well maybe Christmas. My total bill at Walgreens was 20 bucks. I took another pain pill and then got gas.  All in all I spent just over $100 today!!!  Then we hung out at Amy's till I had to leave to get Josh.  It was good for me to chill out over there before having to do all that driving. On the way I had my window open and wouldn't ya know it, Sophia let go of her ballon and it flew out! You know we have been hearing about that all night. Then JUST as I was turning into the Parking Lot to get him I miss judged the curb and hit it and blew a tire!! Oiy!  I drove on it to where I had to meet him.  He was waiting with the rest of the crew he had worked with today.  They jumped into action to help, like a pit crew lol.  But ofcourse it couldnt be a simple thing, it had to be complicated.  We didnt have a jack, and the other guys didnt have one that would go high engh, they had to do some creative jacking and then the spare tire on the back of the van wouldnt come off. They had to take the whole bar off the van with the tire on it, eventaly taking it to a welding shop at the school and welded the pesky bolt off that was holding us up.  Took 45 min in all.  It was very nice of the guys to help, cuz they had worked threw lunch so they could leave early.  I offered to bbq for them all some time and one said he may take me up on that.  The guys Josh work with are crude, and gritty but have good hearts. So we got home and all worn out.  We opted not to go to church tonight and Josh cooked dinner.  He also made some BIG BIRTHDAY COOKIES for desert. 

And the biggest surprise for me tonight and most impressive, The Dentist called ME, himself, not his office, and on his own phone (i have caller id) at almost 8:00 to check on me, to make sure I was doing better and all that.  I have NEVER known a dentist to do that, sure have the office call but not personaly.  Maybe he is the answer to my prayers???


  1. Mary:

    Speaking from experience, There are good dentists out there. I have had one for over 30 years however. I'm changing dentists. Because I can't ever get to him.

    I am glad that you got it taken care of. Nothing is worse than hurting.

    Prayers are with you


  2. I use to be so embarssed I hardly smiled. My teeth had gotten so bad. Yes my teeth in my twenties even by early twenties was so bad I was ashamed. I hardly smiled alot There was ntohing I could do because like I said most dentitsts wont admit to the florisis becuase they all like to push flouride. Anyway I smile more and am glad I got my new teeth. I really wish I had taken pics of my teeth before. I am in my 40's now and my teeth even wiggled its gotten so bad. I was told by a man who is now retired that trying to keep your teeth is good if you have good dental insurance and can upkeep them. HE said if you dont have good dental insurance and cant do the yearly upkeeps and all the vaneers and other processes then you are better off getting the dentures like I did. I found out that bad teeth are also very bad for your heart. They cuase many other illlnesses and aflictions in your body. aches and pains and upset stomachs too. I had noticed sinus infections more which is a big symptom. But he says many dentists wont tell you this truth simply becuase............  after you get dentures they dont get anymore money!!!!!!  Vaneers and the repiair process and upkeep are much much more pocket freindly. But I am so glad your pain is done with. My freind here is going today. she has an abcess. Glad you found adnetist you like. Glad you had help for the tire that was lucky.  Lori

  3. WOW.. You have had a busy day.  And a most exciting one at that.  I am glad to hear that all went well at the dentist.  And it also surprises me that he called you personally.  But that is a good thing.  Tells me he cares about his patients.  As far as your tire.. I hate cars at times.  I have newer tires on mine, and well one is ready to bust. Take Care.. see you soon..Love Ann