Friday, July 16, 2004

Dream A Little Dream Of Me


Normally I do not remember my dreams of the night before.  There are the rare occasions that they are so vivid and strange that I wake up going where did that come from?.  Last night I had one of those dreams but I think I know what influenced it.

I dreamed of Nuclear Fall Out and what my family would go threw if such an event happened close to home.  It was horrible!!!!!  A nightmare if there ever was one!  The worst was not knowing what happen to our family across the country and hanging in for reports over a radio that never came. Scolding my children for drinking the water that is surely contaminated and watching a cat we had die (we don't own any pets). And the fear of knowing that soon you would die too from radiation poisoning.  I remember the flash in the sky and how I looked down to the grown cuz I knew if I looked right at it I would be blinded.  Apparently in the dream it didn't happen right over us but it was close engh for us to see it from a far off distance.

I know where this all came from, Darn YOU Stephen King! lol and a program on tv about why a terrorist would love to get ahold of a nuclear bomb.  Last weekend we saw a movie at Josh's mom's house called "The Day After."  It was a movie made in the early 80's, made for tv I think.  And it was set in MO not too far from Kansas City.  It totally killed my thoughts on how safe I was from such things cuz I lived in the middle of the country.  But the movie was about the fall out and what ppl could go threw. So that contributed to it.  Then last night I started reading Wolves Of The Calla, the V book of The Dark Tower Series.  It is apparent that the charters in that version of earth are living after such a horrible war and they are the decedents after thousands of years. (If you read The Dark Tower books you know that its not just about that and has so many twists and turns it can be hard to keep up).

So I woke up today thinking how unprepared we are for anything like that and how we need to stock pile water and food and yes, build a bomb shelter.  But really what I was thinking is if we do ever get bombed I hope that I would die under the first wave and it would happen in my sleep.

This all feeds into my survivor's fear thing.  For years I had dreams of us having to be prepared for anything and us having to be ready at the drop of a hat to get out of town fast.  This lead to my obsession with camping stuff and my dream of one day owning an Army Hummer.  Not those new fancy ones but the old ones that could run over anything and take you on the ruff terrain.  This is also why I want to learn how to hunt, so if we had to, we could kill and eat what we need.  When Peachy wrote about what would happen last month if they won the lottery and about making a bunker out in no where, I was shaking my head YES. LOL.

Over the years I have calmed down about stockpiling and preparing.  But just incase, next payday I am going to buy a supply of bottled water and beef jerky.  That will help me feel a bit better.

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  1. oh geez that is a scary dream. Beef jerkey....isn't that too salty? You shouldn't have salty things if you are desperate for water. So How about something less salty. A few jars of saltfree peanut butter.