Tuesday, July 20, 2004

No your Not a baby, But YOU ARE MY BABY

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia!  What I am I to do with YOU. 

For my loyal readers you know Sophia is my baby.  The last of the babies I will ever have. The youngest of my four little darlings.  Her birthday is closely approaching this month on the 27th where she will turn 3.  In so many ways I want to hang on to her being little and enjoy the milestones of her life.  When she stopped nursing I cried.  When she started to crawl I cried.  When she started walking I cried.  And YES when she started to potty train I bawled my eyes out!  For surely that is the sign your baby is Turing into a big girl and doesn't need you as much.  She has come to that time in her little life where she hates being called baby.  "NO MOM, I am A BIG GIRL, NOT A BABY" And she will flash you her big girl undies to prove it! (sometimes I wonder if I am raising a little stripper, she does the pole dance and the booty dance too).

I fought the potty training tooth and nail, put it off as long as I could. But once we started there was no turning back.  We got the potty seat that goes on the toilet and the little step stool.  We got the pull-ups or should I say expensive diapers dismissed as something to feel good about spending more money on. After a few months of some success and being broke and not able to buy the pull-ups we went to the big girl undies.  Dora the Explorer is her fav ofcourse.  And now that we don't have to tote around the extra luggage of a diaper bag with us every where we go. I am glad and feel a bit more free.  This is one of the big rewards of having a potty trained toddler and my husband reminds me of this each time I bring up wanting another baby.

She has become very self efficient with the potty training and I would say she is trained and done.  She goes whenever she needs to without being asked, she just goes.  Success! And a new chapter opens for her.  That was until my last trip up North.  While I was gone she did perfectly fine.  No accidents or anything. So Josh says and Amy who watched her while I was gone.  And I didn't expect there to be any either.  I have been home now for almost 2 weeks but something isn't right with my little one.  Every day that I have been home she has had an accident, sometimes two to three times a day!! I am cranking out her laundry overtime. What is the cause of this reverting???  The only factor I can think of is ME being gone and now me being back home.  Is it for attention?  Is it cuz she is playing and doesn't want to stop and take the time to go?  Often it happens right in front of the toilet.  She just doesn't get her pants down fast enough, or so she says.  Today was the pinnacle of it all, when she actually dropped a big LOAD in her pants!  I can understand peeing but now POOPING!  It was time for a conversation with her.

Ohh Sophia why did you do that?  Why didn't you wait till you was on the potty?  In toddler talk only a mom can understand : "I don't know.  Annie Made made me do it, its Lilly's fault"  (trying to lay blame on her sisters) Honey you can't poop in your pants like this. Pooping in your pants is yuckie.  Now I have to wipe you with the baby wipes, like a baby. Do I have to start putting diapers on you again? " NOOOO I am a Big Girl, those are for BABIES!, but mommy, I am your baby right? (with an evil smirk on her face)" Yes you are always going to be my baby, but you are my big girl too. Right? "Yes, get me new undies mommy" OK but only if you try not to pee or poop in them.

And off she went to play..


  1. Well kids are the king at passing the buck. My baby is not a baby but we still call her baby girl shes 16 my other is 23 and I tell you the truth that I am not one bit happy about this. I was happy about ever age of growing up till the oldest hit teens. Then it was I want them to go back> I loved it best when my 16 was 2 and her sister was 9. just before the double digits. I dont know why but kids do seem to be better for others than their moms. THey know how to pull our strings. OH how I wish homeschooling was not going to be over with in less than a year I love that and I will miss that. Iwish and long for another baby. I want to have one so bad. If only God will bless us. SO please enjoy the messy pants I know thats hard right now. But I would love to have one put thier little arms around me and think I am the greatest one more time. It would be worth all the messes in the world. !!!!!!!! Lori

  2. Oh my goodness but this brings back memories of my children when they were younger. Lots of frustrating days. I remember.hang in there. She is adorable, that's for sure. Hugs. *Barb*

  3. I tend to agree with the other Lori - enjoy the little ones, and all that goes with it. They grow so fast. Im amazed that the years are behind me. My oldest will be 18 in Dec. I swear she was just 4 the other day!
    Much Love

  4. wow, i'm in the process of starting madison on the potty.  she turned two on the 9th and she seems to be getting the hang of it really well.  she's no where near being trained but she has peed in potty a few times on her own.  she's my only baby so i'm not really sure how to train her.  i may not even be doing it right. hope all goes well with sophia.  i think your talk was perfect.  being a big girl really seems to hit home with little ones doesn't it. good luck.

  5. I'm not a mother: But this may sound funny. I envy you.   NO, I'm not jealous, I am a little sad. Because everthing your going through I will never experience.  Never have to worry about poopy pants, wet bottoms, or wondering weather or not it was an accident or not.

    To have that experience is something I would have given my right arm for.  Oh don't get me wrong I have helped with my nephews but it's not the same as getting up with your own in the middle of the night.
    Calming, the fears of a bad dream, holding them when they don't feel good.

    God bless every one of the mothers out there.