Thursday, July 29, 2004




The comunity known has J~Land is all aglow with celbration of its first aniversery!  If AOL wanted to find a way to hook customers and keep them dispite bad customer service, and dispite numurous tecnical issues, the brain child of Journals or Blogs was certainly the way to go.  I know personaly it is one of the major resoans I keep my account up and running and fight with my husband to keep AOL even though we have ISP thru our phone company at a cheaper rate.  What is it about J~Land that keeps us here?  Why do we stay and set up house and keep touch with fellow neibors?  It is not like chat rooms or personal webpages, or message boards,it is so more.  Apperantly Blogs have been around for some time and AOL just picked up on the idea and expanded it.  I supose we in J~Land have that coman bond because we are all AOL customers but even more we are all human with something to share.  Most of us who started journaling started it just for our own personal diary, something new to play with on AOL and it has turned in to an experance of connecting with others and still telling our own stories.  We give of ourselves in each entry and get more back when others share thier comments and thier own journals and life stories.  I have made many marvouls friends here and have connected on a personal level with many of the journals.  We teach each other and we learn from each other.  Ofcourse being the multi fauset commuinty that J~Land is there has been some clashes of world views and opinons but even thru those we have learned and grown.  Some would say it is self absorbed to have your life put out there on the net, and even dangrous, and to some degree this may be true, but life is not worth living with walls and boundires that protect the heart.  So I will say thank YOU AOL for this service to us and for launching it a year ago.  Many have come and gone this year but many more have stayed and set up thier own little corner of the Web and many more will come.  As I was telling my friend who was wondering why she wasnt getting many hits on her journal, Write it and they will come, write for yourself first and the rest of the comunity will come to you to see what you have to say.  All else is just bonus. Ofcourse it helps to visit others journals and leave a nice note with your link so they can come and find you .

I know there is much dado going on over the first year anv. and I have tried to keep up with it all but this last month seems to of been a train wreck with many issues, so I have not been able to contribute much to the festivities.  I wish I could of done more and been apart of the torch and the floats and all the other goodies that is going on.  Next year we will have an even bigger celebration for sure!


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  1. OH big fau pa. I just realized today that I had no added you to my other journals. WELL I did just now. I guess having alerts working has kind of made me lazy about keep up that sectoin of my journal. I am glad your here adn we do meet here in j land. Its been wonderful to meet so many. Tell your friend that is what I did. I started visiting other journals andleaving my link and soon I had faithful readers but I didnot have any posts except by my already freinds untill dec or jan and I started last year in July. Lori