Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Go Ahead And Call Me A Pollyanna : )

My own thoughts may seem light and fluffy but still just as deep as yours.
No hate courses threw these veins. 
I have no rough edges to cut and mangle.
I am foreign to many, rejected because I don't subscribe to the alter egos. 
I prefer Truth over Fiction, reality over illusions. 
I am grounded and firm, not luke warm or wishy washy. 
Yes I had hurts and yes I had pain and oh oh yes I had shame but
I am now whole and free and that fills me with such glee. 
I traded my black robes and dark probes for white ones washed in the blood. 
I shall escape the coming flood.
No longer do I dwell on my past but look to the hope in the future.
I don't smoke dope or snort coke or shoot or drop. 
I don't need such prompts to be the real me or to feel open and elated. 
My integrity can not be debated. 
While happy is not popular or hip I can still throw something into the mix. 
My Love is no longer Pain, and a drain to the soul. 
I would rather bring other up then cling and sling and drown in sorrows.
I look forward to my tomorrows.
Go ahead and call me a Pollyanna.
(me at 3yrs old)


  1. Preach on!  Sounds like you are in a good place right now, with God.  Always a good place.

  2. Oh, Polly, they are just mad because they don't understand what you've got or how to get it.   ;o)  -  Barbara

  3. I loved your entry.  I'm just like you!

  4. Uplifting entry...a good reminder to me! :)

    You go, Polly-girl!


  5. Awww what a cute photo of you hun, and what an awesome entry! :-)

    ~ Susan

  6. Linked here thorugh CarnivAOL. I found Pollyanna implausibly positive, so I won't call you that. It's deeper. Well written, thank you.


    my comantary about why I wrote this piece.

    Thanks for visiting and sharing.

    Much Love,

  8. You can call me pollyanna too...

    great entry to CarnivAOL

    be well,