Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Schoooooolllllllssssssss out forever.. lol NOT

Weirdness. I am logged on but for whatever reason my journal doesn't recognize me and wont let me post from the home page???!!! SO I have to from IM.. and ugh. Anyone else having this prob?? (*UPDATED* It let me back in but now I am having probs commenting in other's)

I wanted to post about how today it is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!! Summer has started at our house.. whoot whoot!! LOL Just 6 days till summer school starts.. counting it down already lol. I guess I should do something fun with the kids before then huh. All 4 of them are going to summer school so I am excited! It will be Sophia's first time away and mine all alone at home. But this summer school is fun and free. They are going to learn about rockets and beading and acting and go-karts and cupstacking.

So what should I do with the kids this week?? Money is a big issue so it has to be cheap or better yet.. FREE! Besides making them CLEAN.. lol. So far I have come up with flying kites at the park but other than that I am drawing a blank.. looking for suggestions!!



  1. no but conctact editor jruanls joe he may can help

  2. Bake some stuff together, read everyones favorite book, go picking berries or wild flowers, play card or board games together, visit someone ya'll should go see but never do.  It's amazing how much enjoyment can be gotten from some of the simplest things when you do them together.  - Barbara
    P.S.  - I had no trouble going to do my post today, but for about an hour I had all heck trying to read/comment in journals.

  3. How about a camping trip in your back yard?

  4. hey- how about going on a picnic- then flying kites.  Better yet- why don't you guys make your own kites (like the good ol' days!)  When money's an issue around here (always) we usually go fishing or to a park and play- frisby, kickball anything to get out.  Also, finding a good book that all the kids can enjoy and have a family read outside on a blanket under a shade tree is always an option.  If you live near a pond or a stream, you can make your own little boats (craft stick raft with a little dowel and sail) and have boat races.  Sorry- these probably sound old fashioned or boring, but it's stuff I used to like doing when I was a kid, and my little guy likes this stuff too!  Enjoy your summer- Carolyn!