Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm The Guest Editor this week!!! Celebrating The Mom's Of J~Land

Guest Editor!!!! Me!!!! THANKS JOE for the invite!
Sheesh.. about time!  (JUST KIDDING OF COURSE)
So this is the section where I introduce myself and say welcome to my personal thoughts and public rants and my point of view, that's why I call it My OPEN Journal after all (in a PG/PG-13 kind of way).  I have been blogging away at AOL Journals for.. humm.. hold on, have to look at the counter (that got set back last week)..Ok ya, since Aug of '03.  Wow has it been that long?  Aww.. good times, good times. 
I am a simple kind of gal that enjoys being a stay at home mother to 4 children, married going on 10 years and still very much in love, new house.. dog.. cat.. ya.. I seem to have the whole shebang and now that I am finally Guest Editor I can die happy (again, jk... it's cool but I still have lots to accomplish here before I go home to the Lord) Anything else you need to know about me can be found in my profile page or here in my journal. 
Being Guest Editor is a unique opportunity and you would think it would be a snap to single out worthy journals for your consideration.  I have to confess.. My Alerts are always over flowing because I enjoy keeping up with so many blogs and to narrow my choices was a heart wrenching task!  Joe insisted I didn't have to have a theme or anything but I thought I would keep the tradition alive of having one.. like back in the day when the Journal Editors did the Daily Top 5.  Plus having a theme helped me cut my long list down and tie them all together.
So..Here you go! Visit, Enjoy, Comment and Set Your Alerts or Feeds.
Mothers, they are so much more than the life-givers but more like the life-shapers.  Almost no one has more influence over your life then your Mother. Yet often we over look the hard working, dedicated mother and her advice or we don't value her for her important role in society. In honor of Mother's Day this week and since AOL EDITORS has given me the Liberty to do so, I have chosen Six of my favorite mothers from across J~Land to be up in the spot light.  So take notice of these wonderful moms but look closer you may just see they are also so much more.. you may discover a friend.
Barb from South Texas is a Stay At Home Mom of two, her Bubba & Bug.  She is one of the inspirational charters in J~Land and well worth a visit. 
Lisa Joe, hard working mother of two teenagers and has a slight obsession over George Clooney.  Lisa Joe is very beloved despite her tag line that she is damaged goods. Damaged Goods
Christy is currently living over in Germany and is married to a soldier that is deployed to Iraq. She is a mother of 2, with one in heaven. I applaud how she can keep it all together while chasing the little ones and still dealing with the loneliness of being an Army Wife.
Susan is a Strawberry Shortcake freak and mother of two.  While we all have our ups and downs she encourages us that "Things are growing better all the time!"
The Strawberry Patch
Lori is the mother of two well rounded grown daughters who survived home schooling. She's that perfect house wife with the maculate floors and color coordinated bedwear.. withDOGS.. how does she do it? Humm.. maybe we need to take notes from her journal lol.
Mrs. Peachy.. got to love her.  She is that no nonsense kind of mom that WILL tell you like it is and won't take excuses.  Mother to two boys and an employee in an alternative high school with the heart of Gold.
Those are my top "Mother" picks but the idea I was originally going to go with were blogs with authors who are tortured souls or passionate people who air their sappy life stories and problems yet are lovable at the same time or poetically relate their life happenings and view points. I think there is something there for everyone to associate with.  I hope after you read and enjoy my first six picks you'll also visit these other ones that are on my current reading list.
Mack Danger: Danger's Blog, located on   A talented guy who posts about his life and how he deals with chronic pain from cluster
head aches but also has a funny side.  He has some off colorhumor, so beware.. there may be some profanity.
Chad and Christy's war blog.. both point of views of army life and
being deployed to Iraq:
Hunter'sblog about his faith and beliefs and asking people to prepare for THE END. For someone who is just 18, he can be pretty serious and deep and very passionate:

Mark's Music Journal. His weekly picks reflect his mood on life. I am
totally clueless about music so I always find something new threw him.
Brian who lives in Kenya. The BloggerNaut (another myspace blog),
where he posts his poetry that raises awareness about issues effecting
him and his life.  He is very talented (and published)! I can only wish to write a Haiku so well!
Bill's Comments On The Event's Of My Life.  I so love him! He is like the father figure I wish I had. Life perspectives on retirement in Las Vegas, a decant guy from NY who cares for his wife and mother and dogs deeply. 


  1. wow I got to visit some o f these becuase I dont know them. your a great mom too girl!!!!!!!! Now here you sit and say imperfect and the entry I concocted since you were so very very thoughtful adn kind to forwarn me says....... how not perfect I am. Believe me with five dogs............ it aint perfect here not by a long shot!!!!!!!! but I try and Im a little nutty from doing it. Thanks so much for mentioning me. Im really so honored that you think that much of me. I jsut put my entry up that IM going to leave up all weekend.

  2. Oh hun, I am SOOO honored that you've picked me as one of your Editor's Picks! I am so proud to be among the other fine ladies that you have picked. Thank you so much...I appreciate it so very much! :-)

    ~ Susan

  3. CONGRATS! Hope you enjoy your week! :)
    Come visit me sometime, love company.
    On holidays, I do a week long of entries re the upcoming holiday. This entire week has been about Mothers visit. Special entry planned for Sunday.

  4. congrats on being guest editor!!!!!!!
    i will be sure to check out your picks
    i was already directed in your direction from lisa jo's journal
    take care

  5. Congrats, what an honor!  I've been to a few of your picks and will definitely drop in on the others.
    Congrats again

  6. Wow, almost three years at it?!  Thank you for chosing to feature me!!  It is more special since it was you.  You were one of the very first to welcome me to J-land a little more than a year ago.  Time flies, huh?  -  Barbara

  7. Congratulations on being editors pick. You have an incredible journal. :)

  8. Congrats to you! And you picked wonderful journals to highlight! Love your journal!

  9. congrats, I havent visited you in a while. I dont know how you pick just 6 favorites. I so enjoy different journals that I have to limit myself on reads or I'd go crazy trying to keep up. Tooo many wonderful people here in J-land.
    God bless

  10. Hello friend wow guest editior congrates to you I love to vcome and visit your journal so it is good someone else reconized your writting talent hope you have a blessed mothers day God bless kelley

  11. Congratulations! I am a regular reader of 2 of the journals you picked... Lisa Jo and Susan`s. Stop by and visit sometime!
    God bless,

  12. Love your pics! Especially Lori and Bill...they are terrific!

  13. Congrats!

    I just found Bill's blog (the last one you mentioned). Unless i'm wrong about which Bill we refer to.... you gotta like a guy who watches The Kentucky Derby and the De La Hoya fight in the same day.

  14. Ummm... you turned the link for "Strawberry Patch" into a second link to Christy in Germany's journal.

  15.  Congradulations Guest Editor

  16. Thanks.. I fixed it but just in case:

  17. Great picks!   Congratulations on being picked

  18. Thanks so much for the sweet words and the feature!  I'm so humbled...then again, I've been reading you forever, so I'm not surprised at your generous nature.  :)  ~Peachy

  19. Like i said yesterday, i am stunned speechless that you would pick me. It means a lot to me that you think i am a decent mom! Thank you! I hope you have an extraordinary Mothers day!
    HUGS and Love,lisa jo

  20. Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!!

  21. Congrats on being Guest Editor's Pick!


  22. Thanks for the "plug". I don't think AOL could have picked a better Editor for this Mother's Day. You are the best!!!   Regards, Bill.

  23. Great choice of journals - will be getting to them all - Happy Mother's Day,

  24. nice pic mary,  you did a good job as guest editor. tell joe he needs to make it a perment job for you with pay lol
    love ya mom

  25. congrats ! mom! check out what this mom goes through on a daily basis shes lucky to be alive

  26. WOW I'm speechless!!!! Thanks for talking bout my journal. I was like 'ummmmmm, that's me n' stuff?!?!?!?!?' HAHA! I have been slacken lately with it cuz I still have no computer. I use my mom's. Both my laptop's are either dead or in a coma :)

    Thanks for the shout out  \m/          MMM

  27. Thanks again for the great mom blogs to check out and the others!  I love Bill too!  He used to live in NJ...not far from where I am... he is a really cool guy!

    be well,

  28. Thanks again for the great mom blogs to check out and the others!  I love Bill too!  He used to live in NJ...not far from where I am... he is a really cool guy!

    be well,

  29. Congrats on being Guest Editor! Great Picks.


  30. Congrats on being picked Guest Editor.  Lori's Laurels is one of my fav blogs.


  31. Congratulations hunybea!

  32. Congratulations!  What a great list for Mothers Day weekend.  It looks like a great list of journals to check out.

  33. congrats girl!  

  34. Congrats! and gee thanks--like I don't have enough good reading already! ;-))))))Blessings, Sassy

  35. Congrats!   Hey, if you get the chance, would you spread the word about my blogs, or read them & tell me what you think?   I'm a mother of two boys.

    (I'm new at this!)

    They're called "Memoirs of a gas attendant",  or threads about "Happy Slapping")

    Thank you!


  36. Congrats!  I LOVE Bill's blog!!