Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I need a man around the house.. my son just doesnt cut it in that department!

How long has Josh been out of town this time?? I have lost track.. seems longer than it realy is I know. Two, three weeks??

It seems like the "manly" stuff that needs to be done around here just keeps pilling up.  I try.. I realy did.. and so has my son.. but we are just no sub for the real Man of the house.

So Josh when you get home..

The downstairs toilet is clogged.. I tried plunging it.. still.. it is not going down and if it is flushed there will be an overflow..

I got a flag pole and American flag to hang out on the front porch.  We tried using the drill gun to hang it with the screws it came with.. but I am weak.. lol and it is an allummanim post.. are you even supposed to screw in to it?  If not I just wasted money because there is no where else I want to fly the flag.

Speaking of drill gun.. The screws that hold the dishwasher in place in the cabinet are all loose.. and have come out.  I can only find one screw and tried to put it back but I think you may want to look at that when you get home.

We were going to mow the lawn.. no relay!! But can't get the lawn mower to start. I don't know why.. it has gas in it.  Pulling on the starter rope for half an hour really did work my muscles and Zanes lol.

And the children have seem to of grown deaf!  I tell them, "Don't eat anywhere but in the kitchen" and two seconds later.. right in front of me, what are they doing??? Eating and Drinking in the living room.  I tell them, pick up, do your chores, but they don't seem to understand my voice.  The only thing that does get them going is the threat of your belt.

And while all the hugs and kisses from the children do comfort me when I am feeling lonely, they are not what I need.. You will be working over time when you get home I think so make sure you are properly hydrated dear and are full of energy.

Josh is supposed to be home this week.. not sure when.  They keep pushing it back because of the weather.  I am hoping for the weekend and if it is sooner than that I will be surprised but verrrrrrrrry happy.

FYI.. I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!! AND AWAY FROM THESE CHILDREN!!  awww but... SUMMER SCHOOL starts tomorrow!! Whoot Whoot!!



  1. countrybumkin779May 31, 2006 at 11:44 AM

    hey mary, i can tell you how to fix your toliet.....start by pouring as much bleach into it as you sure to keep the door shut, and the lid closed on it, as the water level drops, start pouring HOT scalding water into it. that'll loosen the clog to where it can eventually flush. now for the mower, check and make sure that it doesn't have a start position on the throttle, if it does it'll say start. if not make sure you don't have the throttle as hig has it goes, instead put it in the middle.

    sending blessings and love,


  2. When my husband goes out of town, that's when everything decides to break, or overflow.  Good Luck.

  3. Well, God least there is summer school.  Reckon everything in your entry is one reason they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Actually, it don't.  But you realize how intwined and dependent on each other you are.  Hang on!  And try to let Josh at least breath before you put the list under his nose.  lol   -  Barbara

  4. I know how you feel hun! When something happens around my house that needs a "man's touch" and my hubby isn't home at the time, I get all nervous until he comes home! LOL

    ~ Susan

  5. hello friend hope hubby gets home soon I know how much you miss him and i hope you get to just breath and relax with summer school starting God bless kelley