Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Writing Prompt: What Does Love Sound Like?

What does Love sound like?
Gentle waterfalls pouring down on polished rocks?  Passionate moans in a foreign tongue?  Accolades from those you respect?  An Alleluia Choirs?  Children laughing?  The voice of your mother comforting you when you were sick?  The rush of the wind and the roar of the Harley?  The welcome home bark from your faithful friend at the door?  The sizzle of a smoky grill with a fat juicy stake being charred?  The Wedding March performed by a string quartet?  The ring of a cash register?  The clang of the roulette wheel spinning?  The silence of midnight in the garden?
While all are very lovely sounds and I am sure some will agree with one or two things from that list, I will have to say no to all of them.  For me what true love sounds like is simply the TRUTH spoken.  When you really love someone, if you are really a friend or a lover, the best sound is the Truth.  While at times the Truth can hurt and not seem like it is given in love, still it is better than lies that keep you in the DARK groping for the LIGHT.  When you hear and know the Truth and respond to it.. that is what Love Sounds like.
Trying to get back into a creative groove and exercise that all important muscle the brain. (National  Novel Writing Month will be upon us before we know it!)  A new site I found with helpful ideas to get the juices flowing is JournalSparks.com, a sister site to CreativeWrit.com.


  1. hello friend love this so true I also belivie this I belivie the truth shall set you free thank you for sharing GOd bless kelley

  2. Hi hun, just stopping by to let you know that I've added you to my alerts and I've linked you on my journal. Just so you know, that old journal of mine, "Reflections From Within", no longer exists, I only have The Strawberry Patch now. Have a great day and I'll visit again soon! :-)

    ~ Susan

  3. This is true on so many levels, if I tried to explore them all, I'd be writing an entry!   lol    If God is Love and Jesus is the Truth, the Way........how could your logic be far off the mark?  -  Barbara

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