Thursday, May 4, 2006

I'll take WINNERS for 500 Alex

Remember last month when I was talking about my boy genius and his chance to audition for Kids Jeopardy? Well, today was the big day. 

You would of thought he would be reading dictionaries and encyclopedias like crazy and reading endless books with useless information in preparation.. but no, not my son.  He was more concerned over the model of the repository system that he was making for a school project and how he was going to drill for the tubing he wanted to connect. And I know if it was me going to try out for something so big, I would be a nervous wreck the week leading up to it.. but not Zane.  He was excited sure, but other then saying it's nice to get out of school early ,that was all the anxiety he showed over the whole thing.  It must be nice to be that cool under pressure! lol.  I tried very hard not telling EVERYONE I know about the audition.. just in case he didn't pass the test.. I admit.. I was a bit nervous that he would be pitted up against some BIG FAT brain child with supper DNA and he may be physiqued out... but I have told him the whole time.. just have fun, making  it about having fun baby.

Josh took Zane downtown to the appointment but I got to pick him up from school first.  I gave him a pep talk and told him how proud I was of him just for trying.  He was too funny when he said he thought he was going to see Alex Trebec there.  I tried not to laugh at his naiveté and told him that he is just the host on the Show.. they have assistants that scout for the contestants.  We filled out the informal information sheet about his interests and school activities and what he wanted to be when he grew up(writer/director btw).  I made sure his collar was straight and that he brushed his teeth and washed his face and hands and then kissed him good bye and waited for the news.

The suspense is killer lol  Josh called me twice.  First time he called while Zane was in taking the the test.  He said there were LOTS of kids there and from ALL OVER, some came from as far as Texas and Indiana.  He retold me some of the info the guy told him about the process and all that.  Then MORE waiting by the phone.  I am glad Josh was there and not me.  I would of been pacing the floors and probably making Zane more nervous than anything lol.  Josh called me again saying that Zane passed the test and was going on to the interview and the mock game with the other kids who passed.  He said out of all those kids who took the test only 10 passed!!  Also a news crew was there taping for channel 5.. so there may be a story about them on tonight!

So it is official.. my son is in the pool of potential conestances to be on Kids Jeopardy!  We won't know if he is going to be ask to be on until August.  I know there may be a large group for the show to choose from since they are holding auditions in 10 cities.. so it is a wait and see sort of thing.  But still, just the thought is exciting!  Keep Zane in your prayers and who knows, you may see him on TV one day.

Also.. speaking of winning.  He just told us yesterday about his D.A.R.E. graduation.  To graduate everyone had to write an essay (I remember him hemming and hawing about it).  The graduation ceremony is tomorrow.  As a bonus they choose from each class one essay that was the best..... and you guessed it.. Zane' won!

Yes I am one proud mother over here!


  1. hello freind wow congrates to zane way to go you must be so happy how cool he will be in my prayers soory ii have not been around my darn computer i just pray this one wil;l be ok for a while lol so keep us informed GOD BLESS KELLEY

  2. Oh, Mary, you should be proud!  How awesome!  Zane is a winner just for keeping his cool, staying focused in school and getting in the pool.  (Hey, all those words rhymed!)  Keep us posted!!  -  Barbara

  3. Mary what a wonderful opportunity for Zane. He's definately a calm it sounds like unshakable young man!

    You have to keep us updated!