Tuesday, October 11, 2005

AWWWWwwwwwwww Poor Kitty!!!

It looks worse than what it is.. really!  He was declawed and neudtared last week and he was still really favoring that paw and not wanting to use it right.  It looked like he was walking around on his wrist.. just pittaful looking.  But the vet tells me he is FINE and in time he will be all normal.  After a week of him not using it, the vet decided to splint it to encourage him to use it.  The vet said because they used nerve blockers in surgary it some times takes longer for them to "thaw out" and the wrap should help.  I hope so!!! Poory baby! Doesn't he just look so sad!


  1. aweeeeeeees poor fur baby. I never heard of thathappening. hope hes better soon

  2. Bet he's getting plenty of fuss? Take care.

  3. I hope that he starts feeling better soon. He is soooo cute.

  4. Poor kittie; they don't understand what's causing their discomfort either. I remember when we got our dog neutered and he kept playing at the stitches so we had to have him wear one of those collars. He thought we were punishing him, but it was only for his own good.

    Hope your little one, who is so adorable, feels better soon.