Tuesday, October 4, 2005

PIMPING-EXTRAVAGANZA Journals for your consideration for the VIV Awards!

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I spent most of the day yesterday working on this entry so pay attention! I have compiled a list of some of the people in my realm of reading in J~Land.  They are my precious blog neighbors, good friends that I have come to not be able to live with out.  They all have their own stories and at times come on over and share in chapters and pages of mine.  I know I may of left some out who are worthy to be mentioned so forgive me.  This list is not in any order what so ever (mostly how they came in my alerts today or in my favorites folders)  And yes I am being lazy and just posting the full address and not doing a hyper link.  But if you read the instructions at the Official Award's Journal you will see that you will NEED those addresses when it comes time for nominating and promoting.  The nomination's started last Saturday and will END this coming Saturday at Midnight.. but take your time because you can only vote once and if you find a new journal that you might want to name it will be too late if you have already nominated.  

Here is where you can get the low down on what the Journal Awards.. VIV Awards.. is all about and why we are doing this and what the categories are and where you can do some pimping of your own and where to nominate.  IF YOU ARE JUST A READER and do not have your own journal you ARE welcome to nominate and vote when the time comes.. so pay attention! (and vote vote vote!)  

http://journals.aol.com/pattboy92/VIVIAwards/ ~Official Awards Journal

http://journals.aol.com/viviansullinwank/PromotingJ-LandBlogsSomeoneElses/ ~Whereto leave links in the catiories that you want other people to check out.  

http://viviawards.bravehost.com/index.html  ~Where to nominate

The ones I am pimping out!~~~

 http://journals.aol.com/sylviam4000/JottingsfromtheSticks Sylvia has a UK blog that contains picture's and poems.  I love reading UK blogs.. um I think I know of a total of 2 lol

http://journals.aol.com/justaname4me2/InTheShadowOfTheIris/ Rebecca.. words like honey.  A talented writer for sure and I admit I am some what jealous of how she seems to put words to the page effortlessly  and make it  sound like poetry even if she thinks some of it is just  mundane sharing of her thoughts and life.  Not that I always agree with her viewpoints but I respect her style.  

http://journals.aol.com/angelrose2u/FriendsinHIM/ Inspirational and a newbie to J~Land.. give her some love!  

http://journals.aol.com/eternallife23/OurLives/ Louise...  a family oriented journal but I love reading about the ups and downs and how they cope.  

http://journals.aol.com/dangermmm/MUSIC/entries/1108 dangermmm  A Music journal.  This is a brooding young man with an us vs them attitude and lets the music lyrics he posts speak for him and how he is feeling.  He also writes his own music and shares occasionally.  If anything this guy reminds me how much it sucks starting out in the world, how lonely it can be and how it can be all overwhelming.  I am sure a smart girl will snatch him up one day and make him smile (even though he cut off his lovely long locks lol)  Again I don't always agree with his view point but I respect his style!  

http://journals.aol.com/barebytes/InsideMyHead/ From the Male Point of View.. Lanny.  A retired gentlemen who it seems waits on his wife hand and foot.. We should all be so bless to have a husband such as him! LOL  

http://journals.aol.com/jcgeorgiapeach/ThePeachPages/ Mrs Peacy.. LOVE her stories from a school worker's, wife, mother, friend, sister's, believer's point of view. She is a MUST read!!  

http://journals.aol.com/ckays1967/myjourneywithMS/  Christina, poems and inspirational entries as she deals with living with M.S. Some of her latest entries have really touched me.  

http://journals.aol.com/viviansullinwank/NwanyiomasJournal/ Vivian.. Queen of Journal Land!  NO really.. she is and that is how you WILL VOTE.. lol  She is not rulely or over bearing but gentle and loving and kind and I think she deserves the title of Queen again this year!  She should sweep this category I think.. lol she has helped facilitate so much community spirit here in Journal Land.  

http://journals.aol.com/fisherkristina/SometimesIThink/ Krissy.. wonderful blog with weekly questions and photo challenges.  She makes you think lol  

http://journals.aol.co.uk/jeanno43/Family/ Jennette's Jottings.. lovely UK blog with lots of pictures. I love her because she lets us in and shows us her surroundings with little tales to accompany each picture.  I wish she would post an ABP entry just so I could hear the accent. lol  

http://journals.aol.com/nicurnmama/adventuresinjuggling/  Laura the Love Nurse (neonatal intensive care nurse). She lives a very full life and invites you to read along as she juggles it all.  

http://journals.aol.com/facesofjland/TheFacesofAOLJ-Land/  Pat's photo journal that is full of pics submitted by Us from Journal~Land.  Ever wonder what that person looks like on the other side of the screen or just looking for a new read.. this is the place to go.. I know Pat took himself out of the running because he is the one tallying up the votes but I still think this journal deserves a shout out.   

http://journals.aol.com/sepintx/sometimesphotoblog/ AWESOME PHOTO blog.. and here is a few hints he gave for making nominees.. http://journals.aol.com/sepintx/sometimesphotoblog/entries/1376  

http://journals.aol.com/my78novata/LorisLaurels/ Lori .. I just love her and so should you lol  She is a very good friend of mine that I met threw journals and who knows maybe I can sneak down to KY someday and we will meet lol.  

http://journals.aol.com/scotthlori/DiscoveringMe/ another newer journal for me but she is wonderful.  

http://journals.aol.com/annalisa135/Simpleyetsatisfying/ Anna.. love her too! A single mother doing her best to get past hurts and raise her 2 children the best she can. She is also a dear friend to have in your corner!  

http://journals.aol.com/aiibrat/Random/  most educational only because he keeps me updated with some of the shows I have missed but wanted to see and his Random thoughts are so interesting and funny but insightful.  I like to see things from other's point of view and his sure can be different lol.  

http://journals.aol.com/gweyant/THOUGHTSANDTALKSWITHGODTHROUGHAW/ Gwyen posts when she can.. because she is OTR Truck driver team with her hubby.  I have known her for years but journals are still somewhat new to her.  I am glad she has taken it back up. She is inspiring and a dear sister.  

http://journals.aol.com/wfhbear/Commentsontheeventsofmylife/  Bill is the father figure to me in J~Land.  If they had Knight of the Blog it would be him..   retired NYC Port Authority Policemen that worked with Search and Rescue Dogs and helped in the recovery effort after 9-11, who also served in Nam in the Coast Guard.  He writes about his retirement in Las Vegas.. and it brings back many memories of when I lived there.  If I ever meet anyone from J~Land, he and his wife Libby are on the top of the List  

http://journals.aol.com/ladyhasflava/TheDayandTimesofaNovelist/  Flava!  A published author (I have her book on back order whoohoo she just e-mailed me and said it has been mailed) but in her journal entries she talks about so much more and well worth the shout out and a go look see.  She is a newer read for me but I love her all ready. She speaks her mind and let's her self be known.. she is not shy to say the least.. well in  her journal anyway lol  

http://journals.aol.com/barbpinion/HEYLETSTALK/ Barbara has a few journals now but this one seems to me to be her main one and the one I read the most.  She is indeed the heart and inspiration of J~Land.. in my opinion anyway.  If you don't read her daily yet.. make it so now!  

http://journals.aol.com/grahamfarmga/FarmLife/ grahmfarmaga's look at her life down on the farm and she posts some great pictures too.  

http://journals.aol.com/njmom72/ReflectionsFromWithin/ Susan is also a newer read for me but because she is a Stay At home Mom like I am, I can relate a lot to her. She gives wonderful tips on being a home maker.. check her out for sure!  

http://journals.aol.com/chasferris/DribblebyChuckFerris/  Chuck is a retired teacher living in a Senior Center and gives us his commentary on life on the inside and his daily pondering's.  I regard him as a very wise grandparent who is still feisty and worth my time and respect.. and yours too!!  We should all be so blessed to have the active mind that he has at his young age *wink*    

http://journals.aol.com/queeniemart/DamagedGoods/  Lisa calls her self damaged goods and for me anyway.. evokes the most emotion.  I see so much of myself in her writings and venting about her abusive past and how she is trying to cope and heal now.  I think of her as the Pre-Christ Mary.. how I could of been if I hadn't come to know him and let him heal me in so many area's of my life.  I know the Lord is still working on Lisa and I pray for her often.. check her out and leave encouraging comments!  

http://journals.aol.com/chasenkids/CHASENKIDS/ Jaime I believe is the funniest I have read.. and that is saying a lot.. there is so much talent out there but because she has 4 children like I do, I relate to how she can spin a story about kids walking around naked in winter books at the height of summer or the cute nick names she has given her co-workers and tenants that she Land Lords over.. the last few entries in her blog are serious because she has just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  If anything stop by and show her some love.. she needs it.  

http://journals.aol.com/armandt/sense/ Un-Common Sense is where I go when I need to put on my political thinking cap.. I love his commentary and the back and forth that goes on within the comment section.  This journal owner also was a victim of Journal Deletion this summer.. it was a big deal here in J~Land and we are all still waiting for the Apology from the AOL higher ups.. guess we shouldn't hold our breath but when you loose 18 months of entries for a FAKE TOS, no fault of your own.. you expect some measures to be taken.  

http://journals.aol.com/moondawghouse/MOONDAWGSPARKINGLOT/  Moondawg is another a Trucker that I have the pleaser of reading and I just love his spit fire style mixed with compassion.  He is for sure a one of a kind and worth reading.  

http://journals.aol.com/vanishingxphile/DontSpeak2/  E~ I am thinking of putting her under most missed blog and collage blog.. because it has been FOREVER since she updated.. I got to read her as she transitioned from H.S. teenager into Collage women. She was also one of the first persons who commented in my journal all those entries ago lol.  Maybe she has gone private and forgot to *umhem* send me a link or she is just taking a break because you know.... it is hard to look that good and go to school and keep a job and a bf and all that jaz and keep up with a blog too lol.  She still drops by now and then so I know she reads  and can still vote *wink*  

http://journals.aol.com/sonensmilinmon/SmilinMonsAdventures/  Monica's journal Back Roads Of Life, I consider something of a travel journal because of her job working in a call center to one of those online agents.  Her work stories are a soooooooooooo funny but she is also a starting up a photography company, so check out her links section for her other blogs.  

http://journals.aol.com/setcaptivesfree/EndTimesNewsMyViews/ Like a good conspiracy theory or just interested in the sign of the times.. this is A MUST READ PEOPLE!!!    

http://journals.aol.com/bhbner2him/LifeFaithinCaneyhead/ This Barbara is also inspiring and up lifting as she shares her life on the farm and family life.  She has NOT updated since Hurricane Rita and I am wondering what has become of her since she WAS in the path of the storm.  Read her back entries and keep her in prayer PLEASE.  

AND THIS MY FRIENDS IS JUST THE TIP OF MY DAILY READS! There is so much out there and I am sure I have left off some that I wish I could remember. But take your time this week and check out these wonderful friends of mine and nominate those you love and like and then VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!!!!  

And now.. some shameless self premonition of my own.  I would like to fit into the awards in some way or another but I don't hope to win in any category.. too much competition out there.  I have no idea what title I would fall under anyhow.. but you could have some fun figuring it out and nominating me anyway lol.  I would like to highlight one entry from this year that I wrote that I consider one of my best.  It is hard to narrow down to just one but this one I am proud of and I hope those who read it will be blessed. It was originally posted during February's Artsy Contest that Judith's Heart Song puts on, http://journals.aol.com/hunybea4him/HunybeasOpenJournal/entries/989  I didn't win but I was able to share it with about 200 women at this year's Women's Retreat for MO, so in a way I did win! Because if it wasn't for that writing prompt I don't know if I would of ever written it.. but still  go read it.. it speaks for it's self (and then go and nominate me LOL).

Also for my best series of journal entries I would like to point you to one of my web pages that is a linked to the After Abortion Help Page that contains all the links in one place to the series of entries.. I wrote in detail about my participation in Silent No More and my own abortion story http://hometown.aol.com/postabortivehelp/journallinks.html   I may have to go ahead and post the links back in my journal for consideration but check out the page anyway.  


Ok I know, I just laid a lot of journal links on you but you are not doing anything this week right LOL so go read, nominate, vote.


  1. The music is playing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the pimpa palooza

  2. you picked some great journals!

  3. holy pimpage batman! no wonder you where on here all day. although i know longer belong to the jland cliche' anymore i have to say your picks are good. the one i couldnt agree with more is your pimp for jamie chase. she and her journal are truly one of a kind. never read and never will again find something that holds a candle to her and her awesome family. so very good picks!


  4. Great list; I follow a lot of them you mentioned. Unfortunately, too little time; too many blogs - they are all so good :)



  5. Hey thank you!!! I really appreciate the shout out. And remember, I never expect a single person to agree with my thoughts, but to be open enough to read and give me back their thoughts or opinions in return for me to ponder. It's one of the most fantastic things I've found about journals.

  6. Ha!  Heim...  too funny...

    "Holy Pimpage" is right!  

    Thanks for lettin' me stand out on your corner.  ;)

  7. OMG hun, thank you SO much for nominating me...I am so very honored, that's so sweet of you!!! :-)

    ~ Susan

  8. {{{{{Mary}}}}},
    There's no such thing as shameless self promotion!!  :)  When you have a journal like yours where so much is shared....and your faith is proudly proclaimed...then it deserved being celebrated!!!

    Thanks so much for spreading the spirit of the awards and promoting so many wonderful journals. I do especially thank you for listing mine. I wish I had been more active in my journal over the past year...but when we had our robbery back on October 6th last year that really took a lot out of me....and then when we started building the house and moving in .... well I don't have to tell you how much that took out of my energy  LOL

    Thanks again my dear friend for being such a great J-Lander!!!


  9. hugs .....................

    and thank you................

    I didn't get a chance to get in on the first vote...   :(