Friday, October 7, 2005

My Best Series of Entries for consideration for nomination..


I was just browsing the Official Journal Award's Journal (click the pic for the link) and it struck me as ironic.. that VIV means life in Latin and the series of post I wish to high light are about  life.. well two lives. One that was taken and one that was changed forever because of it.  

This song helps me when ever I think of these entries....CLICK HERE TO PLAY if it doesnt load

I am not going to beg or anything.. I am proud of these entries and even if they don't get nominated and recognized it was freeing for me to write them last winter/spring.  I know the subject matter is controversial and may be hard for some to accept my Point Of View. All I ask is you read them threw if you can and if you feel they are worthy.. then click here and nominate them so they can be voted on by all of J~Land.  *Reminder, the nominations close at Midnight Saturday!  
Award for a single entry or series of related entries on a particular topic.

I have these links of entries from my journal in my webpage Help After Abortion but I think I should put them here also if I want them for consideration to be nominated.So use this address:  when and if you go and nominate.

Can I be Silent No More?
Yes I can.. I am going to do it.
How I got pregnant and the father's role in it all.
Why I write on it
When I found out I was pregnant at 15 and how it was decided to get an abortion.
Not Acceptable Birth Control
The Clinic
In the Room
How my husband feels
Prayer Meeting
Apathy In the Body Of Christ
Encouraging E-Mail
Talk with my children
The Silent No More Gathering '05 Saint Louis, MO
Answering a question posted in my comment section


  1. yes I remember those.

  2. If you are nominated I will vote for you Mary.