Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wacky AOL.. and other tid bits.

What is up with AOL'S e-mail service today???!!  At first it was I could not get any new e-mails in my in box but I could read my old ones.  AND NOW I can't even read those nor send out mail.  I suspect they are doing some upgrade and ofcourse when ever they do that somewhere on AOL always get's screwy.  I don't think my alerts have EVER gotten back to normal either, even after reseting them. I guess it is a good thing I DIDN'T have any important e-mails to send out today!  And I know I am not the only one effected by all this.  Good thing I am a loyal customer.


   I know I don't have any control over how they name the Troppical storms and Hurricans BUT Couldn't they of found a better one then Wilma!!!  That is my mom's name!  I could think of a few other people they could name this storm after that it better discribes.. my mom is no where near hurrican force.. even when she is upset.  I know.. they go by some system.  They are saying that if this would of been a normal season this storm would of been the worst.. so watch out.. it is coming America's way by this weekend.  


   I also find it really sad that MOST of the songs on VH1's Most Awesomely Bad #1 Hit songs I loveeeeee.. Granted most of them are old.. from back in the day and I hardly listen to them anymore.. ya ok.. Color Me Bad was pretty bad but COME ONNNN Marky Mark and Good Vibrations... mmmmmmm How did that make the list!  I saw the show last night and every other song I loved they cut down. LOL  Speaking of music.. I am so ready to throw my computer threw a wall.  I can't get my Window's Media Player to work!  The program won't load at all.  I can listen to music online and such but all the stuff on my hard drive wont come up because WMP wont open up and I can't add music (rip) either.  I have a whole CD of songs I want to add just for my journal!   Oh well.  That was just some stuff milling around in my head that were safe to put out there.  I know my last post may of seemed over the top but that is a hot button issue for me and I will likely be writing more on it later.


  1. I hear you on the aol thing. I've been having trouble too, errr.Plus my cp runs slow alot and Id like to throw mine out the window too at times. Hey they had a tropical storm named after me not long ago, I told eveeryone it would be small because it had my name and I won't let it get to big lol


  2. Yeah I liked alot of songs on VH1 worst too. UGH kind of sad statment about us huh???????????? LOL  yes I had toruble with aol on both this morn and then web pages its all fixed now. yean did you know that in new orlends they were getting ready to have a big gay festival during katrtina and in the keys they are getting ready for a  big gay festival. maybe they ought to move thier festivals to the inner state some of us need rain