Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It is Official.. my son turned into a Tween Today! HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY ZANE!!

Enjoy viewing my son grow threw the years in pictures.  They make me want to CRY!!

I took him to school today so I could pick up a snack for his class on the way.  You can never go wrong with Little Debbie Snack Cakes!  As we checked out I asked the cashier.. "Does my boy look like he is 11!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? She ofcourse to my son's dismay said .. "Oh no.. 9 or 10 maybe." HAHA.. Then I asked.."Even more important.. DO I look like a MOTHER to an 11 year old??!!!!! aww" And ofcourse to be polite ,I am sure..said NO WAY.  See there are some small benefits to having a child at 17 (just kidding)

And you know what that little punk of mine said.. "You know Mom, Just FIVE more years and then I will be 16!!" I insisted he was doing his math wrong.. but we know he is a mathematical genius and has to be right... OK, I think I am going to go throw up now.

He is having his first sleep over party at our new house this Friday.  The movie freak that he is asked his friends to bring their favorite movies (I requested nothing over PG-13) so they can stay up all night watching them.  I suspect they may make it to midnight but will poop out by 1.  I have 3 confirmed boys coming and waiting on 2 others who got invites but haven't RSVP yet.  Per Zane's request I found a place for his sisters to sleep over the night of the party.  He thinks that in of it's self.. one full night with out girls (except me ofcourse) is a great Birthday gift.  He is going to freak when he sees what his dad and I got him. I can't say too much.. he sometimes reads this, so  shhhhhhhhh.


I will be back to post my Round Robin Photo.


  1. OH its so ahrd. Heck my youngest will be 18 in january. I dont know where the time went

  2. awww how adorable and handsome he is ;o)
    Happy Birthday Zane! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Great pictures! Happy birthday Zane!!


  4. Happy Birthday Zane!!
    Loved the pictures, and your captions were perfect!
    Happy Birthday to you too Mom, it's a special day indeed