Thursday, October 6, 2005

Good bye hard water and HELLO good reading!

I may of not of told you this before but the water at my new house is just... ugh!  Normally I wouldn't care since I didn't know the difference really between hard water and soft or that one city's water could be that much different to another only 20 miles away.. but in my efforts to drink more water and less soda I found out quickly that THERE IS! And maybe just maybe, it is also the cause of my dried out scalp and skin.  Not to mention the stomach problems I have been having as my body adjusted to the new water!!! My husband thought it was all in my head and insisted that water is water and I am wasting our money on bottled water.  When our neighbors told us that they just got a water softener (as she gave me all her old soap) our jaws dropped at how much she said the system cost them and I knew that was not going to help my efforts any in convincing my husband that something needed to be done with ours.

When the sales man rang my bell I groaned.. I hate sales people lol.  He just asked if he could come back at a later time to test our water and we would get a gift card from Wal-Mart even if we did not buy anything. To get him to leave (I have not learned to just say no yet) I signed the little card he had that would enable him to call to set up an appointment and figured when he did call I would let it go to voice mail. (I'm such a chicken that way haha) I'd say it was a week or so between him being at my door and calling and during all that week I had been working on Josh about the water.  I was thinking of at least going out and getting something for the sink.. or one of those filter pitchers so I could have some decent drinking water.

When he came and showed us with his test kit what was in our water and just how really, really, really..NO I MEAN REALLY, REALLY hard it was we were already sold LOL. The benefit of having 4 years of soap and detergent was a side thing and having softer clearer skin and being all around more healthy. When he showed us the difference between how soap foams and works  with hard and soft water it finally click that was why my bubble bath was almost half gone already Some how we qualified for the credit (ugh there is that ugly word again) to get the system installed. So as you can see I have better water now and for the next 5 years will be paying for it.. but the plan is to just pay it all off with our tax return.. I hate being in debt.

If you are curious, it was an Ionics's that we got.(couldn't find a web site to refer you to.. I may post it later if you want)  I was not joking when I asked if he was hiring sales people.  I am so happy about this system that it is actually something I can see myself telling other people to buy! And with this subdivision having the potential of 500 new homes.. I can see the need and the money that is potentially here. AND what better way to meet new neigbors right! LOL  Ya, I don't think that is going to happen.. I am not a sales person but I am telling you I love my water now.

Also yesterday...

As you can see from the picture I got my signed copy of Savoir Flava!!!! Being lazy today.. the link for it is two entries down.. you should read that pimping entry anyway!  When I finish the book I will for sure give my review but just reading the intro and dedication page I already know I am going to like it.



  1. we drink only pure spring water. Rachael use ot get sick eveyr two weeks. we could not figure it out. got her on organic milk that helped then got her on spring water and it totally stopped. we knew it was the water when she went to the duntemans house to baby sit. they said they had purified water asystem like you got and she got sick so now she only drinks spring water. you see there is this big word its like 14 or 15 letters starts with a ch something I htink. well if the multi million dollar water purification system cant get it out then no other system in home can get it out. that is what makes her sick. yes the homes systesm stop the hard water but happens after the water sits in the pipes on the way to us. so they are good for that. But I still suggest because in most people the effects of the CH word dont show up till much later in life that you drink spring water purified only by revers osmossis. AND as far as those nasty sales men my entry may help you stop them LOL Funny I wrote about htat. LOL when you are in a new home and subdivision they all seem to flock there. so put a no soliciting sign on your door. they cant come then . But you will get a kick out of what stops them from my door.

  2. We have very hard water here. It ruins washing machines, clogs the central heating up, wrecks kettles and makes my skin sore. Water softeners are so expensive though. We can get a gadget to fit on the pipes, works off the electric, supposed to break limescale down, but they are not that good. Take care.

  3. My best friend in Cincy has a water softner built into the house and just by getting in his shower you can feel the difference in the water and my hair will always be sooo smooth compared to my funky water here. Congrats on your new system!!! It really will make a difference. Love, lisa jo

  4. hello my friend yes good water can make a difference and we all need to drink more water so there you go hope you enjoy the book be sure to give us a review sound intersting how do you find time to read wih 4 kids a hubby and all the house work and running around and such I am barly finding time to read a devotion daily and my study let alone read many of the intersting books I have in my book case oh well some day God bless you kelley

  5. Glad you are getting water that will taste good. I'm a big water drinker and I know there's a difference between cities and also during certain times of the year too.