Wednesday, October 5, 2005

OH NO!! Already!!

Dear Esteemed Wrimo,

It's that time again.

NaNoWriMo has officially opened for its seventh noveling season, and we'd love to have you back for another raucous and productive November.

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See you in the forums!

The NaNoWriMo Staff


  If you remember I did it last year and was able to get the word count to get the esteamed avatar.  Should I do it again this year??!! Throw myself into a marthon of writing with only one goal.. get to 500,000 word count in 30 Days and in effect write a novel??  While I was able to get the word count last year.. I never did finish the book and by the end of November my husband wanted to kill me.  The book I started seems like crap to me now and pointless in finishing.  Maybe I will try this year and think of last year as just practice? I better start brain storming now! October goes fast and the writing can only start on November 1st.  If anyone else is going to be doing this let me know!


  1. One thing to rememeber you husband may be gone out of town more this season and you have a new house and an extra child in school . that can affect it either direction for you either looking as having not enough time or as having extra time.

  2. Wishing you good luck if you decide to do it; seems like a lot of words to write in a short period of time for me to accomplish with all my other things I have go do, plus I am clueless what to write about - but wishing you luck!!


  3. Wow, do you mean 50,000 words not 500,000? I sure hope so, because I've been working on my book for some time now and well at a few thousand words a day is torture!!
    Looks very interesting and like a monster challenge. Good Luck with it and get to typing :o)