Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Writing exercise inspired by the Other Journal's Section.

NANOWRIMO is coming up and I have no clue what I am going to spend 30 days writing about.  November 1st seems to be getting here too quick and I am wondering if I should even bother this year at being a .  I have been looking for writing promps that may inspire me to actualy WRITE and get out of this rut I feel like I am in.  Then I saw this tonight and my writing jucies started to flow.. so Enjoy.

Inspiration from the Other Journals Section of

Here are just a few Comments On The Events Of My Life. Nothing extremely important about this posting.  You could toss a quarter betting how it will turn out but be sure to look at Both Sides Of The Coin checking it is an even shake.  I could tell you I was Born To Blog about the Porkchop dinner I cooked last week or the Life Changes that make me long for The Back Roads Of Life. Or I could point you in the direction that Jesus Is Coming THIS Generation and give you the radio station that has an informative show called Endtimes News and Views and pray that you would not take it as just Ramblings Of She Who Reads too much.  But I know it is the Simple Yet Satisfying essays that perk readers to muse over Reflections From WithinSometimes I Think it is the Small Things that get readers most excited and plant seeds of Life and Faith.  I could retell the story of when I 16 and was Living Just Off The Strip in Las Vegas and how I had all these outrageous debates over at Patrick's Place but some things we just Don't Speak of anymore. Chasenkids seems to be what my life is mainly filled with these days but don't get me wrong, motherhood could be A Rose By Any Other Name and not smell as sweet as my family does to me.  I have so much to be thankful for and am glad I don't have to tell you stories such as My Journey With MS or about being broken down in MoonDawg's Parking Lot or my woes of Movin On from relationship to relationship.  My life may seem mundane to most but I am happy to have friends like you who let me blog about Life As I See it and still come back for more with each entry. But J~Land is a give and take kind of place and I grow each time I read such fantastic blogs as The Peach Pages or listen to Lori's Laurel's.  Not that I agree with everything I read and hear but I think it is great that we are the kind of community that let's people make a Point And Counterpoint and spur others to make a Cross Examination of our positions and still walk a way without too many hurt feelings.   The one bit of advice I would like to give my fellow blogers is to update your Other Journals section often incase you do embark on a writing challenge such as this. Then you will not find as many broken links and outdated journals as I have in mine while trying to compose this entry.


  1. WOO HOOO!!! a writer after my own heart!!!! I LOVE IT!
    You got my exact reason for the writing...Just an itch that needed to be scratched!! This is great!!!


  2. how cute you were able to use journals names to make a story. thats a very cute idea. Have you been reading moondawgs Miss beths story he just started it.???????/

  3. How VERY cool!!!  you rock girl!!  thanks for the pimp!!!   ((((hugs))))