Thursday, October 27, 2005

We have a ghost.... NOT!

The crime: fruit punch all over BRAND NEW carpet. No this was not just an "opps I spilled" (even though they have been warned 100 times no food or drink any where but the kitchen) This was a deliberant.. "lets see how red we can make the carpet and fun patterns "spill.

The guilty party: Sweet cutie-pie 4yrd Sophia 

The excuse:  We have Ghost Mommy.. he did it!

The punishment:  "get away from me Sophia and up to your room before I HURTTTTTTTTTT YOU!!!!!!!!!"


And when I told Josh about it on the phone (as I was scrubbing) he was rolling laughing!!  I blame T.V. for this.. really!  Have you seen that commercial for the Bissel SpotBot??!  To really see how bad it was click the pics and enlarge the screen.

I have been painting the bathroom all day and KNEW Sophia was being too quiet for my own good. *sigh*  I am almost done with the bathroom.. one more day and then I'll post the pics.. I ran out of paint.


  1. ah there are some very good spot cleanrs that work great but it looks okay in the pics. Oh man I bet you were steaming

  2. How awful! Especially cause its brand new carpet. They just know when to cause mischief......


  3. so sorry about the juice i know how upset you must have been and white carpet in the house with 4 kids wow well it looked good afyter you cleaned it up so you are a good cleaner lol have a good night God bless kelley

  4. Oh the joys of motherhood.  I feel for you believe me I understand.


  5. all i can say is d'oh!

  6. Kids! We still love 'em though.

  7. LOL ok I know I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. Ok I know I'd be having a Mommy heartattack if that happened at my house, but I'm giggling anyway. Her excuse is so darn funny!!!
    I assume she made it through it without haven't to befriend her ghost permanetly?
    Kids, gotta love em.........