Saturday, October 8, 2005

Having trouble reading journal and webpage font?? Here is what you do..

For what ever reason the last two days I could not read anyone's, including mine, journal's.  The fonts were sooooooo small it was crazy to even try.  I thought it was my computer and checked my fonts and all that but nope, normal.

Rach showed me a tempary fix so I can at least see what I am reading. 

Press down Ctrl button as you scroll your mouse on the page.. changes the font so you can read. 

I have nooo clue why the fonts are acting wacky and if it is just me or not.. some one should ask Joe the Journal Editor about it lol but not me.. lol

*Reminder* Today is the last day to do Journal Award nominations!  So if you havn't done it yet.. DO IT NOW!


  1. WOW I doubt I ll win anything from journal awards I dont think I got nominated by anyone but my family. LOL

    WELL anyway just try going into right click on your desk top and propertiers then go to apperaance there is several things in there to change it and that worked for me. I tried it thru control panel one time and that did not work. I had to do it this way

  2. I haven't had any problem seeing fonts, but I have had problems with not getting all my alerts.  Yikes!  I so hate this.  Anyway, whenever I have a problem I email Joe JournalsEditor and he is very good about it.  He fixes the problem when he can, and he often emails me back.  You should feel very comfortable with emailing him, or else how will he know the problems going on?  (and no, I don't like that he said our blogs were boring!)